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    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    jeuvideo.com has some gameplay preview too (in french) :smile: http://www.jeuxvideo.com/videos/gaming-live/929804/dirt-rally-2-0-on-fait-le-point-sur-les-sensations-de-conduite.htm
  2. toninus

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    My feed : BUGS :  - Sometimes the menu is not responding and I have to kill the task VISUALS :  - That's pretty nice overall, nothing revolutionary from the previous Codemasters games, but it does the job. Would like some more specific elements in each track to help memory (villages, bridges or that kind of stuff...) HANDLING :  - I'm playing with a gamepad and it feels great and challenging. Don't feel enough difference between gravel and mud right now... TRACKS WISHLIST : I know the tmeline is already planned, but here are some ideas to make a big rally game with lots of content. I knowthe original price is low, so maybe release like 5 or 6 environements next year as a 20€ DLC... - Rally : Australia, Japan, one tropical location (Malysia, Thailand or so), Mexico, Argentina, Spain... With mixed sufraces if possible (mud / tarmac or gravel/tarmac) - Hillclimb : Morocco (Atlas mountains, gravel), India-Darjeeling tea mountains (mix mud / tarmac), a snowy place (Alaska, Swiss Alps ?) - Rallycross : there will be 3 tracks, maybe add one more to get all the surfaces types (tarmac, gravel, mud and ice), or mix them in tracks ? Also it would be nice to have variants of each location.