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  1. 7 minutes ago, ianism said:

    because that much content would take a year or two to make. and how do you keep making money for that long so you can pay the people who are making it? creating and releasing DLC isn't magic or free.

     I agree on not worrying too much about having real-life and 100% accurate locations

    Same happens when you create a new game.
    And that's what I'm suggesting : a new game, but that also works as a dlc for DR2.0 owners. With no changes on the graphic engine or physics. Something that was known as a stand-alone, back in the days.


    I'm also thinking that the dlc schedule was etablished at the release date. I remember the french codriver leaks were about more than 12 countries... So they probably haven't had much work on them, and I hope a big part of the team is already working on the next game for a year or two.

  2. 11 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

    I find this interesting:
    The scenarios take place in nine of the cars made famous throughout Colin’s career, including many iconic vehicles from previous Colin McRae Rally and DiRT games.

    Can someone say to me which nine cars these are?


    I have :

    Peugeot 205 GTI
    Ford Sierra RS
    Subaru Legacy RS
    Subaru Impreza 555
    Subaru Impreza WRC 97-98
    Ford Focus 2001
    Skoda Fabia WRC

    So there's two missing. From the trailer I guess the Metro is one of them. Maybe the other one is a Porsche ?

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  3. Well they made 6 rally locations for the base game, added some RX tracks and sold it 50€.
    And it was a whole new game.

    So I don't get why they wouldn't sell 6 more new locations as dlc / stand-alone (to get more sales) for like 30-40€... If the new engine isn't yet ready, I hope they'll announce something like this. I personally don't care if the tracks aren't 100% realistic reproductions of real tracks, as long as they look real, twisty and bumpy enough. (but I understand some of you do)

    I hope Codies keeps high-poly models of the cars they use somewhere else, to be reused in future games. Would be such la time loss to start from scratch each time. Same goes for audio recording, and track scanning of course.

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  4. 34 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

    So, another bit of news. Andrew Coley was today at Codemasters for some new recordings... (check his instagram stories).

    So that could mean a few things, namely new RX content, or possible recording for the 2019 RX content videos for a 2019 WRX championship mod or something.

    Just realized the WRX championship starts in April, which is spring too.
    But I really hope the new content isn't just some kind of live competition based on realtime WRX events...

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  5. 52 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    Not planning to reveal what that December teaser was all about, at this event.

    Things are coming together though but still a short while away, but I guarantee it'll be worth the wait 😉 



    Come on, just a picture so we can look at it really close !

    Or a very short teaser like the Halloween one 🙂

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  6. 5 hours ago, EvilCee said:

    I really don't understand all this wild speculation.

    It seems pretty obvious to me that it will be the official 2020 FIA WRX calendar.

    Therefore nothing to get over excited about for those wanting more rally locations.


    If there's a new season pass then we will probably get this as part of the RX content.
    But that's only 3 new tracks : Nurburgring, St Petersburg and Spa (if they manage to get the licence, or if they make an unofficial ripoff). Round 9 is now announced and it's Latvia, so we have it already.

    I hope that we will get some new informations before the end of season 4, which means next week when Codies staff will be back from holidays 🙂

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  7. It's time for wishes, isn't it ?

    Please Codies give us a Dirt Rally 2.0 Year 2 content.
    With these things :

    Season 5 : March - May
    - Week 1 : Nissan Sunny kit car and Megane Maxi kit car.
    - Week 3 : Rally Manx or Ireland, with 3 long tracks (instead of 2 for all the rallies we had till now).
    - Week 5 : Citroen Saxo S1600 and Ford Puma S1600.
    - Week 7 : One new long track for Germany, Wales and New England (free for those who own the dlc locations, NE free for everyone).
    - Week 9 : Renault R5 maxi turbo (grp B RWD) and Mitsubishi Lancer 2005.
    - Week 11 : RX Nurburgring.

    Bonus free car : Subaru Legacy (grp A)

    Season 6 : June - August
    - Week 13 : Renault Clio S1600 and Fiat Punto S1600.
    - Week 15 : Rally Kenya or Morrocco, with 3 long tracks.
    - Week 17 : 2 RX Project E cars.
    - Week 19 : One new long track for Sweden, Greece and Spain.
    - Week 21 : Audi R1 R4 and Fiat 500X R4.
    - Week 23 : RX Spa.

    Bonus free car : Citroen Xsara kit car

    Season 7 : September - November
    - Week 25 : VW Beetle and Renault R8 (H1 RWD).
    - Week 27 : Rally San Remo or Corsica, with 3 long tracks.
    - Week 29 : Opel Kadett E Gsi (H2 FWD) and Abarth 124 RGT.
    - Week 31 : One new long track for New-Zeland, Australia and Finland.
    - Week 33 : 2 2020 RX cars.
    - Week 35 : RX Russia.

    Bonus free car : Alpine A110 RGT

    Season 8 : December - February
    - Week 37 : Honda S2000 and Nissan Silvia S15 (2000cc RWD).
    - Week 39 : Rally Indonesia, Malaysia or China, with 3 long tracks.
    - Week 41 : 2 2020 RX cars.
    - Week 43 : One new long track for Argentina, Poland and Monte.
    - Week 45 : Subaru 555 (grp A) and
    BMW 2002 TI (H1 RWD).
    - Week 47 : 2 2020 RX cars.




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  8. Well, new liveries are for :
    - Ford Escort MKII
    - MG Metro 6R4
    - BMW M2 Competition
    - Porsche 911 RGT
    Didin't check the rallycross cars...

    Anyway, that's 3 D+ liveries for the MKII, while these cars still have a poor livery choice :
    - Skoda Fabia R5
    - Citroen C3 R5

    - Peugeot 205 T16
    - Datsun 240Z
    - Renault R5 turbo
    - Lancia Stratos
    - Alpine A110
    - DS21

    And from DLCs :
    - Subaru Impreza (2000cc)
    - Fabia Rally
    - Focus RS 2001

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  9. I would ideally see 4 new rally countries :

    - 1 tarmac like Manx or Ireland.
    - 1 mountainous tarmac like Sanremo or Corsica, or even Japan.
    - 1 dirt country like Kenya, Morrocco or Mexico.
    - 1 muddy country like Malaysia, Indonesia or China.

    If they add stages to existing countries, it would be nice too.

    New rally cars are also very welcome, especially R4, more kit cars, GTs, R2s and oldies. Wouldn't be against a H1 RWD category.


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