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  1. bogani

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    What do you find lacking when on ice? As ice has no friction you end up with... yeah, pretty much nothing. A dead wheel. That's what I get from the FFB when on ice.
  2. A leaderboard reset would be required.
  3. bogani

    Upcoming dash cam?

    From the small amount of seat time I've had with WRC8 it's is an improvement over WRC7 for sure, but there are still things feeling slightly off from time to time. For example, when landing from a jump(and there are many as the suspension can't really cope) the cars had a tendency to dart off in a random direction at times no matter how i have my front wheels placed. From a driving point of view DR2 feels much more intuitive and consistent across the car classes, even though tarmac is iffy. From a pure gaming perspective WRC8 has lots to offer compared to DR2. Career, damage system etc as you mentioned.
  4. bogani

    DiRTy Gossip

    Enthusia was tremendous, fully agree.
  5. bogani

    DiRTy Gossip

    I just wish they would implement bigger lobbies. With 20+ people league RX would be brilliant!
  6. IMO track limits are way too generous. Coming out of T2 you can exit as far to the left of the circuit "line" as you please without penalty. You can cut quite heavily by placing the car on the inside of T3 and the whole folowing long straight you can drive just next to the right barrier which is nowhere near the circuit line. It's debatable how much time is gained but I'd much rather have these portions as proper run off zones that will induce a penalty if you don't return to the actual circuit again ASAP.
  7. bogani

    Real Rally times an Dirt Rally 2 times

    As long as you try to drive like you would IRL I'd say it's fairly realistic but if you start to chase world records and watch the replays it's fairly evident you can abuse the grip levels too much. Add that you know every single inch of the stage and infinite retries, the end result that end up on YouTube will not look all that realistic. When it comes to stage names its a matter of possible license problems as well as they don't use the whole stage and break it up, hence they have to name the broken up parts.
  8. bogani

    DiRTy Gossip

    Oh, thought it was the Fabia WRC? My mistake then.
  9. bogani

    DiRTy Gossip

    Shouldn't have an impact as the DLC cars aren't open to be modded.
  10. bogani

    Tarmac Physics and FFB

    I have none of these issues driving RWD's in the game. In fact I think DR2's representation of RWD's is by far the best out there involving gravel. If there is one thing I'd could complain about is that getting away from the start line requires too little feathering of the throttle to find grip.
  11. bogani

    DiRTy Gossip

    When the 1.6 lite WRC's were introduced they went back to sequential stick, banning paddle shifters. I believe paddles was allowed again 2015.
  12. Sigh. You clearly didn't understand a thing what I meant. Its easy. The type of lens they use in my video example gives an increased perception of speed(same as a wide field of view setting in game will create). It 'looks' much faster than it really is. If they had a camera like in your video it wouldn't look anywhere near as fast.
  13. Remember that the chosen FoV can make things look sped up. Watch the first part of this clip. The camera FoV makes it look insanely much faster than what you would perceive it IRL. It basically looks 'arcade'. You also have to remember the inch-by-inch memorization of the stages and the infinite retries that are being given. All this sums up to absurd attacking of each corner to extract every single tenth. However, I do agree that if you watch the WR out there, you can probably push slightly too hard and still have the grip hold up a bit too much compared to IRL. It's not that big of a deal for us mere mortals, but the 'aliens' out there expose this.
  14. bogani

    Upcoming dash cam?

  15. bogani

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Indeed. They surely have much more head-room in that regard, while DR2 might start struggeling depending on FoV. However, as the vast majority of people would actually lower the FoV rather than increase it, I don't see that performance would take a hit(maybe the opposite?). So one way of doing it would be that you had a max FoV value(the current default value) and it would only be adjustable to get less FoV, not higher. But then again, there is also the issue of object clipping which I understand they want to avoid. I took part in very early prototype testing and I was very vocal about the new dashcam being pointless as it basically just became a fixed headcam rather than dashcam* like in DR1/D4. I've always loved the old dashcam but apparently it was only used by 3% of the player base according to Codies data, hence they tried something new. I was also told that they would monitor feedback and that it might make a return. *dashcam in my eyes is a camera that is mounted on the actual dashboard of the car(like all the russian YT-videos for example) not a camera that is supposedly showing you the dash/gauges As you're on PC it's a very easy fix for you Mike. there's a camera mod tool that is fairly easy to use and is allowed online. In this case I would simply increase the seat movement in 'head cam' with this tool to place the camera as far ahead as you would like it. This way you keep the FoV slider and all the other perks of this cam. It's saves your position as well so you don't have to move your seat each time. I'll give you a hand if you don't know how