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  1. Yeah this has been covered/discussed many times. When jumping games this is extremely obvious. Even the WRC games feels more connected and direct on tarmac. You also instantly feel the difference that the cars stay "straight" when they should, alas the rear end is following the track of the front properly while in DR2 the cars rotate like crabs.
  2. You can absolutely abuse the physics way too much in DR games without getting penalized. There's rarely a point of no return when losing the car completely(unless dry tires on wet tarmac, which simulates that feeling almost perfectly) but Im quite certain there aren't many real rally drivers out there that would call vanilla RBR all that realistic these days. The hugely popular NGP physics that's been tweaked for years and years are very far from the vanilla physics, for good reason.
  3. Well, I def disagree here. If you want to promote DR as a sim game you certainly wouldn't want the WR videos to trend as most of these videos give away all the physics quirks/exploits these games still have and basically just shows off the game in the worst possible way(from a realism/sim perspective).
  4. Yeah, doubt they will go go into detail about it, but hopefully he/she will have a look at the conversation about it.
  5. This is also the reason your car is so prone to catch the death banks on the side of the road in NZ. If you're on a straight and close to the bank you naturally steer towards the middle of the road to avoid it, but you will end up catching the bank with your rear. As soon as you steer away from it the rear will actually move towards it.
  6. Yep, when you have high grip surfaces like asphalt the physics model becomes a problem. On loose surfaces it's much less noticeable as the cars usually moves around much more but it can still be felt. IMO this is indeed what destroys the tarmac experience. You have a rear that rarely stays in a straight line when it should. Gives you the feeling of steering with the rear wheels instead of the front. When you exit a right hand corner and the car straightens out, the rear glides out to the left without losing actual traction. This also translates to the FFB of your wheel which want to count
  7. Yep, much more reverb inside the cockpits in DR1 which gave it more punch and rawness. I also miss that. It's a sound design decision though. I know the sound designer prefer what we have in DR2.
  8. Indeed. You would probably do it even better, right? You seem like a jack of all trades kinda guy.
  9. 2 teams working in tandem for Dirt(numbered) and Rally is great. Let's hope they go all in the party game route with D5!
  10. The actual driver, Adielsson, shared this livery in a group on FB yesterday. He loves it 👍
  11. - Much more detailed filtering on leaderboards. Per car class, per car, per nationality etc etc. Look how Raceroom does it. - Let us set steering rotation in the setup for each car.
  12. I'd say Paul was leading the DR2.0 for about half the development at least. If they go for D5 I hope they go full out off-road party game and leave the more serious business to The Rally series. Hopefully they would use a different team and develop them in tandem.
  13. Maybe it's mentioned, but a recce mode or a way to edit existing notes would be sweet.
  14. This is a quite small thing, but more driver customisation when it comes to helmets, balaclavas, gloves, suit etc. I just don't dig the driver models. Sorry Jon and generic dude During DR2 beta testing we had an integral helmet for example..
  15. As we can't be the WRC game of modern times, let's be the inofficial 1997-2006 WRC game, the golden years of the WRC regulations! Flesh those classes out with Hyundai Accents, Octavias, Seat Cordobas, Suzuki SX4(LOL) and Citroen Xsaras. Let's get ******* TOYOTA onboard now as well, so many classic cars there. And Volvos. Lots of Volvos.
  16. Absolutely nothing is laser scanned when it comes to DR2 and its stages. They've never done it that way.
  17. 2 per year? First day is without pay here, then you get 80% of your daily salary for 14 days, after that health insurance kicks in.
  18. Wut? You guys don't have any sick pay? Or self employed?
  19. Yes? Why ***** about these things when everybody knows there will be huge discounts, bundles and game of the year editions through every games lifecycle. I know that, you know that. If saving quids is your main goal in life, never ever buy a game on release or the nearest 6 months.
  20. I'd say no actually. I've always digged the 22B but at the same time I've always felt that something is slightly off with it and it's the small darn wheel wells. A small detail maybe, but it makes all the difference imo. They make the huge wing stand out just like a 'HUGE WING' while it blends in more with the proportions of the WRC car. Now, roast me
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