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  1. As post above, if the system does not work and has issues it need to be suspended or removed until such time it is fit for purpose, having you progress deleted by racenet on a whim is ludicrous. Why have to connect to Racenet every menu step in career mode, do it once at end of rally with your stage times and if its down store until next time its up and you connect, very simple and way most other games work.
  2. They need to take the hint and bin racenet totally, it is pointless and just causes issues.
  3. DelDredd

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    That's totally pointless, been shown many times with various single player games, Legit copies have major issues caused by online DRM **** while the Pirated copies run perfectly without issue. Who's bothered about crappy leader board times anyway.
  4. DelDredd

    DiRT Rally - Force Feedback

    Noticed exactly same lack of FFB with G25, There is an edited effectsetup.xml file on the Steam forum and else where which improves things. Watched some Codemasters development vids and release day jitters vid this morning, they keep mentioning the good feel and you can tell difference between surfaces etc. I think they may have released old FFB files with the current version instead of the current ones in use by development, from there comments and descriptions of the feedback this seems most likely. With the wheel feedback we currently get, you may as well use an old non ffb wheel, which is what we used to play with years ago.