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  1. Does not seem to translate to good feelings using a wheel though. Auto lock for individual cars does not work (DR1 did), FFB very poor compared to DR1 the list goes on. Not another case of fixing things that are not broke and making them worse is it, happened many times before.
  2. Considering it was in the original Dirt Rally as were a bunch of other missing things it could not be that hard.
  3. Unfortunately the phrase " Prevention of Audio Drop out improved" means we have not fixed the issue yet. It still happens. Not sure why 9.3gb for the update, unless file system it a total mess.
  4. DelDredd

    Cars grip after patch?

    Anybody not using the PS4 as the OP is should not bother commenting to be honest, its just throwing bad data in to the thread.
  5. DelDredd

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Not on most simulators it does not, at least with G25, I did read something somebody posted about the wheel settings being multipliers for the Damping and centering for the games forces. Maybe for his specific wheel and arcade games. In any case Enabling Damping and Centering in wheel profile had no effect whatsoever for me with DR2. I still don't get how they put game out with very limited FFB in first place, only Steer Angle Torque and a triggered effect for Cattle grids is very poor for a car racing supposed Sim.
  6. DelDredd

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    As post above, if the system does not work and has issues it need to be suspended or removed until such time it is fit for purpose, having you progress deleted by racenet on a whim is ludicrous. Why have to connect to Racenet every menu step in career mode, do it once at end of rally with your stage times and if its down store until next time its up and you connect, very simple and way most other games work.
  7. DelDredd

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    They need to take the hint and bin racenet totally, it is pointless and just causes issues.
  8. DelDredd

    Test Footage of the Patch Beta Leaked!!!

    Whys he driving from a dash cam anyway. Bodywork needs a good going over with an angle grinder very jaggie.
  9. The original Dirt Rally came out as early access, with limited courses and few cars first of all, FFB and other issues were fixed during that early phase. Other Course's and cars were added over time.
  10. No. I never have massive forces, I like to feel the effects and cars are a lot easier to race and control if you have lower overall force. I have tried Jon Armstrongs settings and like the majority found them to be lacking in feel, I wonder if he tried somebody else's system with the release version he would think it still any good. Steer Angle Torque and one single effect triggered by cattle grids in no way gives anybody the sense of being in a car let alone being able to tell what the car is doing.
  11. Console and gamepad by any chance??.
  12. Try reading what people post. He already stated that's why Sims add effects to the FFB for Wheel because you have no other senses to act on while driving a car in a simulator. Virtually every post on the FFB in this game states you cannot feel the jumps, loss of grip etc through the wheel, the fact that some sliders are greyed out or do nothing to the feel of the wheel FFB proves the point the FFB is totally missing the required effects whether by design (bad) or useless implementation (worse). The odd mentions I have seen of people getting good FFB are those on a PS4 as far as I recall. Maybe they work ok ish on PS4 but not on anything else. Would be interesting to find out. PC and G25 here, works great in all other sims including DR1, this is totally flat feeling only Sat and the definitely canned cattle grid. Used the xml file tweak to up force to 5, turned SAT down and Susp up, get a little feedback of undulations and trackside with that, still bad compared to any other Race/Driving game though.
  13. I still think the cattle grid feedback is canned effect triggered when you go over it, as it is identical in every case. If it was the physics/suspension giving the feedback we would be able to feel the road and jumps etc. Seems to me the FFB was never implemented correctly in the first place, if a bug it should have been picked up pre release as there would be no excuse for it.
  14. I tried Wheel and Damper Friction from 0 to 150 on G25 with Damper and Spring at 100 in wheel settings, did not have any effect or change feeling at all. Having Sat and Suspension maxed just makes wheel force far to strong not very good for easy control and fast application of opposite lock. The Rattle over Cattle grids is a canned effect for the collision force I think, as it is identical every time. (My Usual setting for Damper and Spring in wheel profiler is 0 and has been for years of Sim racing - Sims that have proper Feedback that works, unlike this)
  15. DelDredd

    FFB "fix" with OSW wheel on PC

    Not pulling left on mine but only using 95 for Susp and 16-18 for SAT with XML adjusted to 5.