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  1. 10 hours ago, F2CMaDMaXX said:

    Haven't tried to in my team yet, but it's on in my historic championship.


    Also, something of note, I'm fairly certain there is a day zero patch that won't land until either Friday or regular launch day.

    I came to same realization. Historic championship and also custom championship i believe you can enable it, perhaps in the my team career mode its extra after you have finished masters difficulty (just guessing)

  2. Edit: should add this is PC and i tried to use Ultra settings, but my 4670k and gtx1070 was not quite up to snuff for recording 60 fps. Turned off advanced blending, AA stuff since those are not so useful over video (as the jaggies will get blurred anyways :classic_tongue:)

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  3. Dytut said:
    carpa said:
    Dytut said:
    I think a more elegant solution would be to let each team have the option of putting one car at the front of the running order. Let the running order of those cars be determined by the manufacturers points if multiple cars go in front. 

    So for Sweden, We could've had the regular road order for all drivers, but each team could've put a driver at the front.

    So most likely M-Sport would've put Suninen in the front to sweep for Ogier, but I don't think any other team would've pushed another car in there. If Toyota would've wanted they could've pushed Lappi up there as nr 2 on the starting order to sweep a bit more for Tänak and Latvala (but also for Ogier).
    Meh. That would go all in favor of team orders, hierarchies and penalising young drivers who don't have much experience for no reason. And what would happen woth Citroën who usually run just two cars?
    Plus rallies can be so unpredictable. In this case, Citroen would have used Breen to sweep for Meeke, but Breen was much quicker than him. 
    Fair point. I'm torn between road position ideas. On one hand, the current system is decently fair, since it makes it more of a challenge for the championship leader(s), but at the same time it would be good to have some form of sweeper before the championship leader to level the playing field just a little bit. In Sweden it really was horrible for Ogier, but for Tänak it started to get a bit better already as second car. 

    But Sweden this year was an extreme case aswell, on other rallies Ogier usually has been able to keep in in contact with the lead after day one so if it's just edge cases like Sweden then I don't think it's time to overreact.
    Not only is/was sweden an extreme case of road sweeping (ploughing hehe) but it was an extreme winter for sweden nowadays. There is currently a large cold area over northern hemisphere/europe, causing very cold temperatures and obviously lot of snow to stick around. I remember hearing some of the commentators like becsy who have been going to sweden every year in the 2000s and never has there ever been such amount of snow and high banks.

    On the flipside, even in sweden it could have been deemed the best position on the road to be first, when the event was in danger of cancelling stages due to insufficient snow conditions. The whole debacle to change the rules is really a knee-jerk reaction to a extreme case, whereas normally in sweden its much more in line with other locations' road sweeping conditions both in good and bad.
  4. That might make it easier for new guys and keep everyone happy (except the fastest guys, example ogier). I am quite indifferent about it, but from a competition stand point it seems best for the quickest drivers. If you are fastest, best driver (which we have multitude of currently) on every rally you can select your starting position in order of your speed in the rally (location). This would optimally result in tightest competition between best drivers, which i believe is what rallying is all about? If the best drivers are always choosing the best starting positions, for sure you cant complain that one driver had better position than another (being first vs last).

    In the end I see it putting weight on different things. Current system rewards consistency regardless if you obviously lose time based on your starting position (ogier truly has mastered this rule while others are scrambling to just win every rally, playing into his hand with each mistake they make). I dont mind it really, it just sets the nature of the game. But if I could choose I'd put more weight on competition between best drivers on every rally on the calendar.
  5. Finally back home from the weekend! 1200 km in total for the trip to the rally and back home, Friday 16h on the stages, saturday 15h. Urria 1&2, Laukaa 1&2, Ouninpohja 1 (WRC + vetomies) and Päijälä 2 (Vetomies + WRC)

    Also found Kris in the service park on thursday after Harju. Took a selfie 

  6. Remember that Ogier didn't win that much last year? Mai my due to road position, but he hardly won any gravel rallies.

    One thing I feel this year, is Ogier has been incdredibly lucky. How many times has he left the road this year and gotten away with it?

    Monte: same ditch as Elfyn who lost loads of time
    Sweden: spun at the start and could have easily got stuck
    Mexico: two offs, one of them he went off quite badly and was very lucky to get away with it

    hes probably had some more I've forgotten, plus leaving the road several times in Poland. Can he give some of that luck to Paddon?
    The road order rule definitely affected his performance, and it still does on friday. But yet he still managed impressive streak of wins in the later part of the season. ( later on he won the tarmac rallies, getting great benefit from being first? you decide) Regardless he was a dominant force at VW, but looks to me only thing he has left at M-Sport is his consistency.

    Also, dont forget about how he had basically zero technical issues vs latvala having amazing amount of breakdowns. 
  7. Its interesting to see ogier on a more equal car. There are multitude of things that contribute to winning 4 championships and its not all about how powerful your car is, but he looks definitely shook this year. He's grasping the championship lead currently not because he's fastest, but because he still has that consistency you require to win. Its remarkable how previous years he was able to control the championship by being ridiculously consistent and still win most rallies. This year the speed is not there, but more than anything he doesnt push (too much) over his limits and scores consistent points while everyone else still lacks that certaint level of consistency in the championship. (imo its ogier who's freakishly consistent, and others are doing just fine. I like that we see people crashing and making errors, that is part of the excitement of rallying. They want to win and push hard and problems occur) 

    Pretty much every rally he is 4th-5th fastest judging by the pace. But because thats not everything you need in rallying he is the current leader of the championship, but his lead is definitely gone if he cant push like tänak. 

    Also Thierry Neuville will be at Autoglym Rally for testing for Rally Finland, and its about 1 hour drive away from me. I most definitely want to go there and see the new cars in action, if i cant make it to Jyväskylä this year. :)
  8. Im gonna go with wildcard prediction, Mikkelsen wins it (if not, atleast on podium). I believe he will be comfortable enough at poland, which has always been strong result for him. Also i really want to see Lappi improve even more so I think he could be on the podium easy if he doesnt have issues (mistakes)
  9. https://www.motorsport-news.co.uk/news/teenage-star-rovanpera-targets-rally-gb-debut/

    So happy our government organizations for once have some sense in their heads and gave him a special permission to take the drivers license test early. If Kalle passes his driving permit test (lol) he will be debuting in WRC event at Wales Rally GB 
  10. About the pacenotes yeah i feel on default setting fast corners are said a bit early for my taste meanwhile 3's, 2's and 1's hairpins are bit late for my reaction. As i cant trust it 100% when i hear it i start to look where the corner is coming up and then its usually late to react. so if i put it earlier, the fast notes are way too early and i forget what comes when.
  11. Well looks like its gonna be promising, im okay with more fun features if the handling is atleast on level of dirt rally.. But i really wouldnt mind if the new game had much improved physics  :D Also gonna be really great to drive trucks, buggies and crosskarts again, really missed trucks from dirt 1.
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