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  1. You know whats funny about that? The track in that video is simply converted from RBR over to assetto corsa, and the textures etc are just as good as they were in RBR. AC obviously has better lightning system to bring it bit more alive, but at its core that is just a RBR track converted to AC.
  2. This was just posted on /DRIVE , maybe it will be helpful for some. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT-Xl6ekv1k
  3. Yeah, i'd rather take a simulation game to satisfy my need of racing (both rally and circuit) than throw all of my time and money into rally hobby. 
  4. Yeah, that is an awful argument against simulators. People want simulators exactly because they are not able to experience the activity (whatever it may be, rally in this case) in real life. For some its because they are poor, others because of physical disabilities. Simulators are a wonderful genre of games that shouldn't be belittled.  Its so easy to just say "go do it in real life if you want more indepth experience" but I can't for example because I'm a poor student who cant even afford a car for daily commute (not that i need one atm). Reading up on starting rally hobby here in Finl
  5. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2016-04-05-evolution-studios-joins-codemasters-hocking-becomes-vp-of-product
  6. Yes. 205 at finland, pushed the limits. didnt even dare to try yellow house jump at full speed yet lol. natural instinct to brake just a bit before the jump kicks in every time.
  7. Also one thing to consider is that the jumps in Finland are quite exaggerated. If the stages were more realistic in lenght and the elevation profile Maybe it wouldnt be such an issue with current model.
  8. Yeah.. If you land too hard it should be suspension damage, not tyre damage. If you want realism this is the right direction they are taking.
  9. My personal bias is still for Lappi, I'd be disappointed if those old geezers would be chosen :-)
  10. Yeah, the rally mexico preview magazine had some shots from the reveal of the car, looked nice. Ive been following the rumours for the drivers, but this is a interesting fact that they have already been chosen and not being searched anymore
  11. Something interesting i saw on the mexico preview show, Mäkinen said they already have selected the drivers for toyota but are not allowed to reveal them yet. Has this been in the news yet?
  12. Yeah, a great car that just begs you to go faster and test its limits - but then a tire pops in a easy landing and everything is ruined  :'(
  13. This was in the release notes ;) I only see a mention of "refinements" to global leaderboard, but no mention of actually now being able to view them after a stage.
  14. BTW a friend found out you can view global leaderboard after a stage now! First you normally go to the friends leaderboard, but now it has new option (button 17 for me) to show all. Then it will load full leaderboard!
  15. I love both of those stages! I'm just messing about. They mean the exact same thing, only one is spelled in old swedish :-) Let's just say they didn't have their Ä's and Ö's right in the test patch. I did a write up for them but they still missed a few things with this release.  Don't worry, Finland too was too hard for them to get right ;-)
  16. I only tested VW Polo in finland but atleast that car still is really puncture prone. The suspension can take hell of a beating but on some of the smaller jumps the rear tyres just pop.
  17. So.. What determines who is VIP and who's not?
  18. Personally I think Kubica has already had his chance to show what he can do, and sadly that is being blazing fast and wrecking early. Feels like he still has that formula mentality of hotlapping and that just wont work in rally. I dont blame teams for not taking him in, he exactly hasnt showed great rallying in his years of WRC.
  19. Lappi's Skoda contract will keep him in WRC2 for next year still.. Hope to see him in WRC 2017 tho. 
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