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  1. jacobfraeer

    I OWN Spa!

    Well you have to drive around 1:48.8xx on SPA to drive in PC Apex online racing league split 3 :) So just practice some more, get used to no assists ( maybe racing line) and then join a league. It is so much fun, especially for competetive people
  2. jacobfraeer

    I OWN Spa!

    no assists legend diffi wheel online come back and tell how much you own :)
  3. jacobfraeer

    Has anyone considered...........

    Look at Practice 1, 2 and 3 from real life Australian 2014 season. Everyone was sliding around due to the lower grip levels and higher torque. Harder to drive than 2013. F1 2013, the game, has too much grip actually. There are some corners you can take flat out in the game, whereas you can not IRL.
  4. jacobfraeer

    Last sector Melbourne

    It's a bug, the AI has way too much traction in the last sector (and actually generally also)
  5. jacobfraeer

    brought on a drunked night!!

    I was drunk bought it sober played it regrets
  6. jacobfraeer

    Additional Issues

    Yeah, i agree to all of it..
  7. jacobfraeer

    Data that might help choose Difficulty/Car

    The AI are so boring and unaggressive... at least people online try to ram me, which creates excitement...
  8. Three top drivers in the best league in AOR (Apex Online Racing). Youtube fisifan and watch the league race highlights. XmattyG and Limitless both uses a pad, and they are #1 and #2 in the championship.
  9. jacobfraeer

    Melbourne last corner

    I just tried with this setup, and i qualified better than my team mate, which i couldnt before (in the force india) 2/1 aero 49, high braking 1/11 balance 1 1 / 11 11 susp full left camber, full right toe Seems quicker, and the wheelspin is the same...
  10. jacobfraeer

    Melbourne last corner

    I just tried in GP mode, and i can qualify second with McLaren... Maybe it's career mode that is bugged or maybe it's Force India (in career mode) that is bugged. Or maybe just Melbourne last sector AI speed.
  11. jacobfraeer

    The legend AI are too fast!!!

    For f's sake, he is not talking about GP mode.
  12. jacobfraeer

    Melbourne last corner

    I'm glad im not the only one! When i drive SPA, which i love, i haul ass against the AI.. But not in Melbourne (and i suspect i will have problems in slow low traction corners against AI). Online, i have no problems, because its not against AI. But i think they have too much traction at slow speeds.
  13. jacobfraeer

    Melbourne last corner

    Hi guys. I would categorise myself as a very good driver in this game, and i drove in several leagues in 2013. I just started playing 2014 and just went into career mode with the Force India, and my pace is generally good, but by the looks of it, i'm having a lot of trouble in the last sector. I might think it's the last corner, that gives me some rear unstability. I use a DFGT and no assists. My S1 and S2 times are good against the AI, but in the last sector 3, the AI is 0.5 seconds faster than me. Setup: The fast 1/11 setup, but with 2/2 Aero. Legend AI Anyone else having problem in this sector against the AI? What setup (aero) helps you, and which car do you use? This question is only for wheel users with no assists (since PAD users has TC regardless of assist settings). Have in mind that i'm talking about career mode, where the cars from the beginning sucks due to zero upgrades obtained.
  14. jacobfraeer

    The legend AI are too fast!!!

    I'm not 'whining' as you put it, i just can't brake later than i already do, nor accelerate earlier........ FYI i'm using a Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel and no assists, and you? Im using the same wheel and no assists. In F1 2013 i would lap all cars in a 50 % race, except for the top 4 or something.. it was just so easy. When you get really good at these F1 games, the legend AI is just pathetic, and i have to use cars like Sauber and Toro Rosso, just to have a little bit of a challenge. In 2014 im still getting used to the handling, so my pace is not there yet, but it will come, because i will practice till i become good. When that time comes, the AI will again this year be pathetic slow. Just practice mate.. It doesnt come easy, i have driven with this wheel for 2 years, and it takes a lot of time to go from good to really good.
  15. jacobfraeer

    The legend AI are too fast!!!

    get better. ai is not too fast. stop whining, you only had the game for 2 days. practice