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  1. I agree with andaya about the problem being the Season Pass. I deleted the Black Edition DLC and the Season Pass, went on line and it worked ok, signed into racenet and the Challenges were there. I reinstalled the DLC but not the Season Pass, everything was ok so I have left it as it is for now until the Season Pass is sorted Hope this helps
  2. I have also had this problem all weekend . I was hoping it was just a glitch with everyone logging onto the new game from Friday's release and that it would have been sorted this morning, but I was still unable to log on tonight. Online racing is ok but Racenet and it's Challenges are both "Service unavailable" I see that the Racenet Challenge finishes tomorrow at 11:00 GMT, less than one week after the American launch, so it could be that we in the rest of the world have had only 4 +1/2 days to complete the Challenge, or perhaps we will be able to join when the new Challen
  3. If you copy and paste the link into your browsers search bar it takes you to the site ok
  4. I never played Grid 1 and pre-ordered Grid 2 on the back of all the comments about how good the original was. I wasn't disappointed with the game when I played it in its first release, and I can only say that with every update the gameplay has improved, mainly due to CM following everyone's observations and suggestions of how the game should have been when it was first released. If only the DLC tracks were incorporated in both the off line version, and the online version, this would have accounted for the cost of the DLC's. As it is, I have bought all the DLC content and only driven the new t
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