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  1. 17 hours ago, Mike Dee said:

    wait was that epic drift by Erikkson in Germany RX?!?! Oh boy this just got way more exciting if so...

    Yes, because of that move he got the name "Kevin around the outside Erikkson" 😄

  2. 10 hours ago, sqdstr said:

    Roof vents are different in those 2 photos though, and also that round thing under left headlight isn't on both cars

    The round thing is for suspension measure iirc, and only mounted for testing.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, Pieman99 said:

    Great vid. By the way, you’re save on RBR in the i20 WRC was amazing 🙈


    Out of interest, which do you prefer out of rbr abd dr2? I’ve never played rbr but from your videos it looks amazing with all the mods. 

    thanks man! 🙂

    i like both, but in my opinion the physics in DR 2.0 are a lot better than in the 1st one and i like them alot! 🙂

    Now with Monte and the changeing grip, its amazing how you even can feel the difference between snow and ice, its just amazing!

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  4. 23 minutes ago, Smithers1968 said:

    Are the winter tyres we now have studded? I know in Monte they only use small studs but expected a bit more grip on the ice and a bit less on the tarmac.

    If they're not it would be great to have some as a choice as that's where much of the challenge of monte comes from.

    Those of you with RBR, try driving Passo Valle in the wet with tarmac tyres, then with snow tyres. It's a totally different experience, where the ice patches are now quite grippy but the studs slip on the smooth tarmac.

    Whatever, really like the newly revamped Monte, even if it is costing me a fortune in repairs!

    I also expected we get studded winter tires but it looks like they are without studs.

    This is also a problem in RBR, this game was never designed to use wrong tires for other surfaces, like snow tires on tarmac etc.

    With NGP this has changed a lot, snow tires working way better on Tarmac now. Also slicks are working quite well on snow since the last update.

    But also in RBR there is no "montespike" model, so just the small "swedenspike".

    I agree with you, monte is a lot of fun in DR 2.0.

    The difference in the grip on snow and ice is very nice and i really like how it feels, just a ton of fun drifting from corner to corner on the ice/snow! 🙂

  5. Looks like we are getting the Fabia R5 Evo witch in real life will be homologated in mid 2019.
    So we are getting this car before real life debut. :smiley:

    On this screenshot from a youtube video you can see its the facelift model. :smile:

  6. Now i made my own FFB settings for the CSW v2, i can feel the car very good now.

    You can try if you want.

    Ingame settings 50/80/60
    Fanatec Settings: FF 100, SHO 60, DRI 002, FOR 80, SPR 100, DPR 100

    If the car looses grip, the wheel strength is less.

  7. I think i fixed the inverted FFB for Fanatec CSW v2

    File: devicesetup.xml in folder: \Steam\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\forcefeedback

    <!-- Fanatec CSR Wheel Base v2 -->
    <FFBDevice name="{00010EB7-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" scaleForce="2.0"  scaleFriction="1.0"  baseFriction="0.0" maxFriction="100.0"  scaleEffects="1.0" delay="0.0"/>

    i changed the baseFriction from -25 to 0.0

    I think it gains the FFB near the Center position very much!

    Please try and let me know if its fine for you to, :smile: 
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