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  1. I have no idea why they named the sports car category GT, the DPi are very much "not GTs".
  2. For the record, this was the Grid 2019 track list: Road courses (10): Brands Hatch Crescent Valley Indianapolis Motor Speedway Okutama GP Red Bull Ring Sepang International Circuit Silverstone Circuit Suzuka Circuit Sydney Motorsport Park Zhejiang Circuit Street tracks (6): Barcelona Havana Okutama Sprint Paris San Francisco Shanghai So the street tracks aren't all coming back. Assuming all the road courses come back, that leaves us with one missing track. Hopefully it's Spa-Franco
  3. Well, you're certainly in the minority for thinking that. Grid 2 is a good game, IMO, but I think the series is better as an arcade yet realistic racing game.
  4. No, it just isn't complete. It's even missing cars we saw in the first trailer.
  5. Where did you read anything about the car list? As for the cockpit camera, I'd be extremely surprised if it isn't in the game because it was in Grid 2019.
  6. Grid has always been simcade. You can normally drive on any track with any vehicle, which explains that.
  7. I have a few fears about this game, to be honest. Grid is a game about the experience of being a racing driver, and while the racing was pretty good in Grid 2019 (although the AI isn't very challenging on most tracks), it lacked pretty much everything else. Starting with the layout of the race weekends, you can simply start the race directly or do qualifying over a single lap which you can repeat as many times as you want. I feel like that's a bit lame, and Grid Autosport did it best, with 10 minutes of free practice, then 3 laps of qualifying, which you couldn't start over, then the race.
  8. Well, I'm just saying they're never going to release a game like Grid 1, so you might as well stop asking for it.
  9. I give Codemasters 5 years before they lose their creative power and 10 before they're closed.
  10. I recently bought Grid 2019, and so far I think the driving is excellent. I have some issues with the AI being a bit too easy, the track list being a bit on the smaller side, and the lack of variety in event types (only lap races and time attack, no endurance or drift (although drift might have taken away from the core experience). I'm also not a fan of the invitational events that should just be split accross the other disciplines and have cars that you can buy and paint instead of what we have now.
  11. So it seems there's some pretty credible rumours. 😁 If Riga does come back, I think Igora could make for better racing than Kymi. We'll see how it goes.
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