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  1. I recently bought Grid 2019, and so far I think the driving is excellent. I have some issues with the AI being a bit too easy, the track list being a bit on the smaller side, and the lack of variety in event types (only lap races and time attack, no endurance or drift (although drift might have taken away from the core experience). I'm also not a fan of the invitational events that should just be split accross the other disciplines and have cars that you can buy and paint instead of what we have now.

  2. On 8/2/2019 at 5:49 PM, Sir.Smoke said:


    What are you on about ? How come was it terrible ? And of course there will be, the more tracks to choose from the better, and the number should near 200 not 100..

    As Miatakias pointed out I'm mostly talking about Spa here, having to do it in reverse is just really annoying.

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  3. 5 hours ago, madcowie said:

    Guess I know different mate considering I develop myself. Ohh I also built Zhejiang circuit myself. I built it 3 years before it was made for the owners to test. But hey ho will never win an argument in here so you win 🤣

    You... built the Zhejiang circuit?

  4. I still think it's completely stupid that people are still mad about Grid 2 not having an interior camera six years later...

    The interior view in Grid 1 was really bad too because it was angled towards the ground on pretty much every car except open wheelers.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Ak1504 said:

    I hope the driving is like in Autosport and not that imprecise and understeery like it was in the first Grid. 

    I really disagree. Grid 1's handling was a lot of fun and Autosport feels a bit boring in comparison.

  6. Well, that clearly isn't the actual reason, because previous games didn't send your times to the leaderboards unless you were connected to Racenet. Times aren't an issue, but maybe something else is, progress for example. It also can't be some sort of DRM because you can access everything else offline.

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