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  1. I give Codemasters 5 years before they lose their creative power and 10 before they're closed.
  2. I recently bought Grid 2019, and so far I think the driving is excellent. I have some issues with the AI being a bit too easy, the track list being a bit on the smaller side, and the lack of variety in event types (only lap races and time attack, no endurance or drift (although drift might have taken away from the core experience). I'm also not a fan of the invitational events that should just be split accross the other disciplines and have cars that you can buy and paint instead of what we have now.
  3. So it seems there's some pretty credible rumours. 😁 If Riga does come back, I think Igora could make for better racing than Kymi. We'll see how it goes.
  4. Has there been any rumour about the two TBC 2020 rounds? We know there won't be a UK round this year, but other than that, they could be anything.
  5. As Miatakias pointed out I'm mostly talking about Spa here, having to do it in reverse is just really annoying.
  6. I really hope the career mode contains exactly zero reverse GP circuits. That was terrible in Autosport.
  7. It's 12 locations across 8 countries. As for Codemasters dying, that's simply not true. They've made a lot of money with DiRT Rally, and I'm certain they at least break even with their other games (maybe not ONRUSH though).
  8. I actually play with the interior camera in some games, but the camera in Grid was unusable for me. Except in open-wheelers.
  9. I still think it's completely stupid that people are still mad about Grid 2 not having an interior camera six years later... The interior view in Grid 1 was really bad too because it was angled towards the ground on pretty much every car except open wheelers.
  10. I really disagree. Grid 1's handling was a lot of fun and Autosport feels a bit boring in comparison.
  11. They talk about point to point races here: http://www.codemasters.com/announcing-grid-coming-september-2019/
  12. We just don't know enough about the game yet. It apparently features point-to-point racing but there's no specific location for it. It's just too early to be angry about the game, really...
  13. If they don't say they're going to turn off the online requirement once the servers are closed, you can be almost certain they aren't planning on doing it.
  14. We don't know much about the S2 DLC yet. However, we pretty much already know about too many cars for just 2 batches of 6...
  15. Well, that clearly isn't the actual reason, because previous games didn't send your times to the leaderboards unless you were connected to Racenet. Times aren't an issue, but maybe something else is, progress for example. It also can't be some sort of DRM because you can access everything else offline.
  16. Daily challenges, for example. There's just no option for that in the main menu, but maybe that's just because it's a pre-release build.
  17. So, are community challenges really not in the game?
  18. It's a screenshot from DiRT 4.
  19. They don't race the same stages thousands of times on end, though.
  20. I'm pretty sure that's PS4 vs PS4.
  21. Yeah, not sure how I feel about the DLC being almost exclusively rehashed content with the exception of the Fabia and M1. Sure, the rallies have been overhauled and might be worth it, but the cars are really disappointing. The C4 wasn't in DiRT 4, so there's that, but the Impreza, Focus and Manta have all been in the last two games (the Manta was in DiRT 3 even!). Then again it's a 10€ DLC so I guess that isn't too bad for the amount of content.
  22. I agree that the pages are a bit too wide. They're responsive too, so they're always as wide no matter how zoomed out you are.
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