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  1. It have sense, for me. I just wanted to know your opinion. Almost everybody voted no so okay, Dirt will be a fantastic arcade-sim game, that i love it. Anyway, if you voted yes or no, thanks for your time and for vote it. People who's give to me an "offtopic", take it  :kissing_heart:  Now please,  continue the activity of the typical dirty-gossip thread cheers
  2. I voted. Probably not the option you wanted me to vote for, but I voted Well don't worry, just i want to know what the people think about it, that's why is anonymous. Thanks for vote!
  3. Please can you vote this thread?  http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/37483/please-allow-us-to-change-grip-like-the-first-build-of-dirt-rally Thanks
  4. that's my reaction when after 10,5Gb of update they forgot to put the spanish co-driver on new stages... http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Y_ODcECzxGQ/T4sMKffGa8I/AAAAAAAAA88/LnQ8Dvynqbg/s1600/michael-scott-no.gif
  5. Maybe today is the release and on Friday the last EA show, sounds good!
  6. Other updates were announced like 2h left for the show... Today any dev talking about the show or the end of the EA so... I think the update will not happens today...
  7. 80 people online, hype is real! Body is 80 characters too hyped.
  8. Well done!! Polo R WRC and Hyundai I20 WRC coming to dirt rally, that's a good GOAL to FIA, only missing one more car..the DS3 WRC, if codies put this model, it would be the final goal. because that will make no sense to buy WRC5 (for drive TOP cars and also the last ones). Again well done, good move before the release of console version!
  9. Well my suppose is: - 2016:    -Dirt rally on consoles.   -while 2016 : DLC's -2017:    -January: revolution of WRC cars (real life)    -middle of the year new early access of  DR 2 with new physics engine. Sounds crazy and impossible... or not? Cheers
  10. No R5? Shure? Let me up your hopes... haha  https://twitter.com/xavivg_1996/status/666022436559826945
  11. NO! :( Then where is the Renault r5 turbo or the Alpine a110? I hope more than 40 cars!
  12. Please make a  button for donate!! I'm in love with this game and how Codies are working with it. The last road book was f***g awesome (sorry about that). All the fixes that i wanted for this game comes out!!! Again, DONATE BUTTON for codies please!!!  BIG THANKS YOU! 
  13. Hi! Testing this amazing game (early access for now) i found a little bug. The car oversteers because i put on the setup moore brake on the rear tyres, but when the car is oversteering, without crash to the "fence" (word of google traduction, it's correct?), the "fence" is broken for no reason.And other little bug is, when i loose the car, with full trottle i try to move on without put the reverse gear, but the car don't spin, even on the snow! it happens with a lot of cars. I hope you can solve it, this game is absolutly amazing, thank you for this work and i hope that it helps. Link youtube
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