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  1. WopActual

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Probably already mentioned, but we need more peripheral support.  I have a G27 but am not using the H-Shifter, so it's not hooked up to my PC. Every game restart, my bindings are reset. This doesn't happen if I bind at least one key to the keyboard. I believe by pressing enter at the main menu, bindings default to keyboard control. As mentioned, I have the Pause key set to "P". Seems to temporarily fix the issue. Otherwise, I also have a DSD Buttonbox. Some bindings on it clash with the wheel buttons as they register the same input. Hopefully key binding will be much easier to setup as the development progresses and petty issues such as controller resets and clashing will not be present.
  2. WopActual

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    CO-PILOT VOICE IN COCKPIT VIEW TOO LOW Now that the co-pilot voice works, I've noticed it's hard to actually hear him. Even with all other sounds lowered to 50% (minimum), and the voice at 100%, it's still drowned by the engine. This is mostly true when in cockpit view. I have a 5.1 surround setup and played with in-game audio settings. Nothing makes it better. Voices should be increased by default, especially for those wanting to play with no visual aids and in cockpit mode.