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  1. mickeeiemouse

    Subaru Impreza wrc S14

    no IC scoop on the bonnet/hood, its the WRC alright 😉
  2. mickeeiemouse

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    The USB polling issue is my biggest problem at the moment, stuttersville with more than 1 usb device(controller) plugged in MM
  3. mickeeiemouse

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Platform : PC Issue/Bug : all sound goes off except for gravel hitting the car frequency : Random, but ONLY when playing the 'online only' career/daily events/monthly events, i have NEVER had this issue in TT mode, and i play mostly in TT mode MM
  4. mickeeiemouse

    Tyre life and Running order

    coming back to this an Audi Quattro group B destroyed a set of soft tyres at the 12 mile mark on australia(worn surface), service shown that tyres needed changing. so the softs only last for 2 short stages, a short and a long and you'll probably be out of rubber on gravel(in group B) the tests continue ha MM
  5. mickeeiemouse

    No ALS?

    yes, engine braking is a little harsh and it blows my mind in 2019 that ALS isnt in more games, its a feature on the turbo that could be adjusted or fail, adding more depth to the driving and repairs side of things. its something that should be par for the course on any rally game and annoys me that it isnt present...... ill say it again, its a good job the bits of this game that work are really good, but it does have room for improvement MM
  6. mickeeiemouse

    Dirt Rally 2.0 - Remastered Sweet Lamb

    if the rally GB is coming, sweet lamb will be included, of that im sure. going off the monte reveal, all the stages are the same as DR1, it makes sense to port the DR1 tracks over to DR2 MM
  7. mickeeiemouse

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    i love this game, i think its the best rally game ever, and for me the FFB also works well. its got its issues, but im sure codies will fix them thank you codemasters
  8. mickeeiemouse

    PS4 PRO 4k Samsung TV Blurry

    sounds like some sort of FXAA or TAA thats blurring everything up, it can be like this on PC with TAA on. hopefully codies will fix it for ya'll. MM
  9. mickeeiemouse

    fps issues is there any answers ?

    sorry it didnt help mate, dont always trust the program mind, check the cores with resource monitor, check CPU tab and just quickly observe if the cores go to 'parked' sorry if im tellin ya how to suck eggs there hahaa 😉 MM
  10. mickeeiemouse

    fps issues is there any answers ?

    peeps getting frame drops with hyper threaded CPUs, have you 'unparked' your cores? its an old trick from the BF3 days, it does work, if its the source of the frame drops that is..... MM
  11. mickeeiemouse

    Tarmac physics fix for wheel users

    yes mate, agreed, it wasnt a preference to go soft, it was just a night n day difference in 'FFB' feel between a hard setup and soft setup, and was now alot of fun to drive so i didnt spend any time tuning from there. the ride height was a compromise between being low but not too low that small cuts on corners would be effected. it wasnt a setup for breaking any records with 😉 this is more of a suggestion for peepes like me that just couldnt get on with the sealed stuff. going soft and then dialing in the suspension is probably the way to go, iv just been too busy going 'WOW this is ace' to have done any of that hahahahaaa on a side note, and iv discussed this with other DR players, i was always under the impression that going full soft on a setup was basically a gravel setup, which for me shouldnt have been possible with a car built for a sealed surface rally, but, it looks to me now that a full soft setup on tarmac is just the softest setting for the tarmac suspension, which is good. i could be wrong on this mind hahaha MM
  12. mickeeiemouse

    Tarmac physics fix for wheel users

    ye man, i only drive 4WD group A and B to be honest, i should have stated that hahahaa, iv no idea what the physics is like for all the other classes, i just struggled like mad from the off with spain and weird feeling through the wheel. heres me evo tune
  13. mickeeiemouse

    Tarmac physics fix for wheel users

    exactly my comment mate, the gravel to tarmac transitions on gravel rallies feel good, like a gravel car on tarmac would feel. i was stunned when this worked, the only thing left in 'tarmac trim' suspension wise was the ride height. try it now folks MM
  14. hello folks after a full week of avoiding the dreaded black stuff, i found something that i think may help ya'll using a wheel, goes against what you may think, but feel free to try it out and let us know here 😉 ok, i used the evo 6 group A for this, 1st run was with full stiff suspension, zero feel with the wheel, so, for a laugh, defaulted the settings and then changed all the suspension to SOFT, full soft, springs and anti roll were left alone and transmission was adjusted to suit my style.......... its a game changer IMHO, its transformed the game for me, ill put a link to the video when youtube has finished its magic so you can see what settings were used. if your struggling with the FFB and physics on tarmac, please, try this now looks like the load up on the FFB is suspension triggered and not from tyre load, try it anyways folks, i used the usual trick and turned SAT to 150 on my TX wheel, i use 125 default hope this helps some folks out, like i say, its worth a try happy monday MM
  15. mickeeiemouse

    Tyre life and Running order

    hello again folks after running the same test on argentina, (5x 3.25 mile stage) after 4 runs the tyres were still showing as 'USED' however, i could feel the tyre was losing grip under braking, funny thing was, there still seemed to be more grip than the hard tyres which i ran on the 5th stage to see if there was any difference in the feel, i had alot more offs on the hard tyre. so at 13 miles the tyre was showing as 'used' im pretty sure that would have changed to 'worn' after the 5th stage(16 miles), but there would have been no way of knowing this as stage 5 was the last to run, and no service after. all this seems to be pretty much inline with the australia results ill be honest, i couldnt go off the stage times as many mistakes were made, but going off what the game is telling us in the service menu and going off feel alone now, the soft tyres seem to last same amount of time irrespective of gravel type, and gave the same feeling as the results in Australia, however, ill be doing some practice on Argentina so i can re-run with accurate timings. it would also appear that no difference in tyre wear between wet and dry conditions i did get 3 punctures with the soft tyre on argentina but they were the result of a heavy off on all occasions, i dont think the hard tyre would have saved the puncture. so, ill be doing probably poland next, if results are the same, then its safe to say that unless theres 6x long stages without service, the hard tyre is useless, and theres not much point to the medium, so maybe something for codies to work on in the future. for me, the soft should be a tyre used in wet conditions or short sprint stages, with the medium as back up for longer stages the medium tyre should be the go to tyre for drier conditions with the hard coming in for once again longer stage mileage between sevices id also like the option to run with 4x medium and 2x soft(or hard) as spare, so grip could be mixed up abit and adding more depth to the rally itself off to poland MM extra info : tests were run in group A subaru for Argentina and Group A escort for Australia. iv no idea if weight or drive train layout will alter the results, both the escort and impreza are similar weight and power with same drive train layout.