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  1. nice 1 for the steam VR tip mate, made a huge difference, i wasnt even having isues, but its even better now hahahahahaaha 😉

  2. mickeeiemouse

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    its stopped me from playing at this point. how am i supposed to press a button for handbrake once VR comes along?? its bad enough as it is. my handbrake works fine on ALL other supported games its getting a wiff of SLRE now with the lack of progress with this issue, and iv lost confidence in CodeMasters products at this point, id have bought F1 2019 already but for this, and its not something new from what other forums have said about F1 2018 and D4 MM
  3. mickeeiemouse

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    iv given up waiting for a fix on this, i STILL cant use ALL of my USB controller devices because of the USB polling issue, iv a handbrake and gearbox that are pluggd in briefly to stop the stutter, then have to be removed to prevent the stutter returning...... EVERY F*****G TIME I START IT UP! frankly, not good enough CM, iv been one of your biggest supporters on this game, buy youve p*55*d on me mr chips now MM
  4. mickeeiemouse

    Remove Always Online for the Career!

    its dikced me with the same thing this morning, not happy CM, toys out of the pram not happy. 5 of the rallys are on a live stream, tell me where i cheated? and if so why didnt the credits get wiped aswell? they remained!! MMM