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  1. Cars, not sure what they belong to but was favorite group in RBR. N4_3 Renault Megane RS N4_3 Audi A3 N4_3 Mitsubishi Lancer evo X
  2. teoxx88 said: teoxx88 said: I have encountered these errors:  The Steam Servers are too busy to handle your request for Dirt Rally (Error Code 53) tplease .. i've used only one time....... I got this yesterday (and most other Steam games when a patch is updated) my solution is to turn off McAfee real time scanning, and then they work. You may not have McAfee but it could be similar with other virus scanning programs with real time scanning?.
  3. Not sure if it's been mentioned but some AI to the crowd would be nice, so they can run out of the way when i'm sliding sideways around a corner and i clip them with the front of my car causing a reset and time penalty. Also i get reset and penalty for just touching the tape on Monte Carlo hairpins.
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