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  1. lodoss

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    some more feedback  -Mini Cooper, the handbrake need to be fix, now it only stop the car, just a little bit of slide, even on ice. -The recovery button, it doesn't work all the time, sometimes you need to press start and recover from there  -co-pilot turn signals on screen, please let the signals stay until the turn, sometimes I forget the direction (and number) and I make a disaster. PLEASE fix the weight of the cars, every time you hit something you start flying even if you drive at 20km/h, RedBull is the official sponsor of the game?
  2. lodoss

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    The game is already great, I would say thank you to Codemasters. Only few suggestions... change the game language from inside the game, mine was in french (I don't know why) and took me 15 minutes to realize the only way to change it was from the Steam menu. Car crash are not very convincing, the car seems to light ForceFeedback, good but not very convincing, nice during the turns but I'd like more feedback from the offroad ground... keep the car straight should be a challenge for our arms, now is a piece of cake. Bencharmk test... only standard weather, It should run with all different conditions (rain, snow and night) for a more realistic result. Co-driver voice too low... It should speak with you by microphone directly to your ears, I can only hear the awesome sound of engines. Few different IA settings, from beginner to expert... now if you are not an expert on rally sim. the bar is too high. But what can I say, It's an early access and already looks great, ok, maybe few defects right now but everything work well enough for me... thank you Codemasters for listening the racing community, the only other sim rally on the market was 10 years old
  3. lodoss

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    That's called realism ;) bullshit... Driver and co-driver communicate directly with microphones