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  1. Spot on! I've stopped playing DR2 recently, in part because of all the night time, rainy stages.
  2. Network Q and Mobil 1! Memories, memories. Be still my beating heart. I loved those games and their loooooooooooooong stages. I think it was Pundershaw that ran for over 20 minutes, if you were quick! 
  3. I would rather see the classic Manx rally stages rather than the very fast tt track not really suited for rallycars.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWRdqabMIEM So many iconic corner/places like Castletown at 1:35 for example. Maybe the TT track would be more interesting with more powerful cars with downforce like the hillclimb ones. Talking of it, the Isle of man rally has been canceled this year. And a lot of ford escort driver from there will instead be in Belgium for a very special event the same week end. Dig out the classic Mobil 1 Rally Championship on PC, that has Manx st
  4. Wait, wait! What about '60s and '70s cars for us old timers.I still love the Mini and the Fiat Abarth.
  5. Umm...the plural of "rally" is "rallies" and not as written. And certainly does not use a possessive apostrophe.
  6. More bad news. I've almost given up on this forum because I rarely find any DiRT Rally threads. :'(
  7. "caveated" "caveated"?! What part of speech is this?
  8. Hmm...still says "unreleased" on my copy in Steam
  9. Thanks! My favourite car. Unfortunately the stutters and jumps makes it unwatchable.
  10. Has to be a combo of heavy over-fuelling & waste-gate.  I'm pretty sure IC water spray wasn't a thing back then?? There were no rules back then.  That's why Audi secretly stuck a Lada diesel under the hood as an additional powerplant. Very funny!
  11. That'll buff right out!                                                       
  12. To finish first, you first have to finish! Old rally saying.
  13. Wot he said. I use GEForce Experience to check settings, then uninstall it. Also I do not update the drivers: there have been some questionable ones recemtly
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