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    Known Issues - UPDATED 05/05/2015

    I have seen certain graphic bugs related to mirrors and cockpit animations. Certainly the Audi Quattro shows a big square obstruction in place of the drivers arms in cockpit view and I have to dial down the cockpit detail to "lowest" to remove all cockpit animations to drive the Audi Quattro. I had with some cars mirrors with "frozen" mirror graphics (like a fixed texture) and with some no mirror details (as if mirror set to "off" while the center rear view mirror was transparent and appeared as just a black frame without mirror image inside. I have many issues with my triple screen setup where in the menu animations either on the left or right outmost side the animated image is clipped in a curved shape. I also have in certain cameras (especially during replay cams) a clipping of objects in both side screens (especially when in replay in car or car mounted cameras are showing content close up). I have a performance glitch to report. The framerate when doing the performance test is pretty sold with the external view and of course with the bumper cam. Once the camera switches to "dash cam" (just behind the windscreen) the FPS are cut to half. When the camera switches to the proper first person cockpit view the FPS will further fall. This is even when setting graphics on lowest shader mode (shader has the largest impact on performance here) and using fairly low graphics settings. I am using: New MacPro 6core (2x AMD D500 FirePro, seen as 2x AMD 7800 cards) Windows 8.1Pro triple screen (resolution in Dirt Rally 6Kx1080 60Hz) Fanatec CSWv1 Fanatec CSR Elite pedals Thrustmaster TH8 shifter (v1)