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  1. XeroXray

    Announcing F1 2015

    Good to hear that. Gameplay videos?, oh sorry I interrupted.... Ah, I'd love to say 'soon,' but I'm actually gonna say don't expect one for a week or so. There are some things holding up the planned videos. Not entirely sure on the specifics, although it is our side, this isn't FOM approvals or anything. Sorry about that, I know you all want to see the game in motion. But I figure it's better than just leaving you completely in the dark. Still, at least you won't have too long to wait before playing it for yourselves this year... :) "it's better than just leaving you completely in the dark." Can't agree more. Any info of the game, the video, or just a community manager come here to chat a few words every now and then, will be like placebos for the fans. But no info, no video, no nothing... This is really frustrating.
  2. http://store.steampowered.com/app/286570/ Full price: $55. Promotional price for pre-purchase: $49.5. No other pre-purchase gift, at least not for now. I think I'll buy it but I need to see some gameplay footage first just to be sure. Any thoughts? 
  3. Honestly, almost all codies games have this problem since DiRT2 from what I know (I personally experienced this with DiRT2 and F1 2011). But DiRT2 save data corruption problem had a workaround, which I couldn't see any from later releases.
  4. XeroXray

    announcement date?

  5. @raggedrabbit enabled V-sync, problem solved. Thanks! Seems like I have this problem on certain tracks, and I also hate playing with V-sync.
  6. I was playing Austria GP in a short career, driving a McLaren car. Whenever I reached the brake point before any corner, the wheel automaticlly steers to left. For example, I drive to 100m board at turn 1, the G27 wheel sharply steers to left out of nowhere, making the race extremely difficult. This occurs before EVERY corner, at EVERY brake point. But everything's fine in Time Trial. So I have absolutely no idea what was happening. This is really annoying.
  7. There is no reason that CM would ditch old wheel support on PC. PC version always has more wheel support these years compared to Xbox and PS3 version.