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  1. Matriisi

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    First off, what an amazing project! Very interesting to see a proper sim-rally, it's been over 10 years since the last one! Many of the things I'd like to see have already been mentioned, except most importantly: Hotseat rallying This is something that I'm sure many old Rally Trophy and Richard Burns fans miss, myself included ofc. The hotseat mode in RBR was a little slim, not including a proper championship, but individual rallies. Rally Trophy however had a championship mode for up to 8 players to play locally, and you could even save your progress and continue later. I sorely miss the times when 2-6 of my friends got together and we'd play RT for a day or a whole weekend, often very competetively! We even had a tv screen set up with a duplicate of the picture, so those waiting for their turn to drive could spectate the rally. I understand that online racing is the thing these days, but when it comes to rallying, it's nowhere near as fun as local racing with the added social aspect and excitement.