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  1. Looks pretty similar to me though, maybe slightly thinner but that's an extremely tiny detail...
  2. Just thought I'd pass by and drop this here... >>> Download Link <<<
  3. Have you ever wondered what the Codemasters DiRT Rally Team's Ford Fiesta Rally4, driven by Jon Armstrong and co-driven by Phil Hall, would look like on the Ford Fiesta R2 in DiRT Rally 2.0? Well, you don't have to wonder no more!!! >>> Download link <<<
  4. I do agree that cutting is something you need to do in Spain, but I'm adamantly against what are basically illegal cuts (2:25 + 2:43). At least two wheels should be on the pavement/road at all times when cutting corners. Luckily for me, I don't need to take such massive cuts in order to set world records or come very close to them. 😆
  5. @ManicKodo Thanks for the reaction, mate. Appreciate it! Looking forward to hear your thoughts when the next DiRT Rally comes out at some point in the somewhat near future (fingers crossed!). You know, comparing DR3 with DR2.0. Btw, have you ever thought of comparing DR2.0 with DR? Some people mentioned they prefer the DR physics over DR2.0 and perceive it as more realistic.
  6. @PJTierney, this is some incredible research and an extremely interesting read! @ManicKodo, I compared my feeling/sensation in the car as a driver with what you wrote with your physics words. And I was hoping you would clarify that what I'm experiencing is linked to what you wrote. I lack any sort of specific knowledge when it comes to these things but I'm very interested in it and eager to learn. (cfr. point 😎 I do feel there's a hint of pivoting on a central axis. Sometimes, it can be noticed when watching the replay. That has to do with this Segers 402 model,
  7. It took me a hell of a lot longer than I suspected to put this one together but it's finally here! How to Master Monte Carlo - Techniques, Tips & Tricks and Strategic Advice - DiRT Rally 2.0
  8. Finally, I was able to finish my Monte Carlo Guide! How to Master Monte Carlo - Techniques, Tips & Tricks and Strategic Advice - DiRT Rally 2.0
  9. A little sneak preview of what is to come...
  10. A little sneak preview of what is to come... 😁
  11. The latest SRD original design in collaboration with Tom Bell, who was kind enough to allow you guys to enjoy it as well. >>> DOWNLOAD LINK <<<
  12. 450° of rotation is also what works best for me when driving the modern rally cars (wrc, R5, NR4, R2 etc.). When I take one of the old RWD cars for a spin, I do prefer a higher amount of rotation because it makes it easier to control or adjust slides.
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