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  1. Well, @PJTierney, the final ideal moment in my opinion for a DiRT Rally franchise announcement (previous weekend) has passed and still no peep... Now, I'm really starting to doubt if we'll get another DiRT Rally title before the release of the team's first WRC game. 🤔
  2. This is the exquisite Hyundai i20 R5 driven by G. Munster, co-driven by L. Louka, during the WRC Ypres Rally Belgium 2021. >>> Download Link <<<
  3. This is the Subaru Legacy RS driven by legendary Irish rally driver K. McKinstry, co-driven by R. Philpott, during the Stena Sealink Ulster Rally 1994. >>> Download Link <<<
  4. This is the Subaru Impreza S5 WRC ( *wink wink* @tbtstt ) driven by M. VIaene, co-driven by D. Meert, during the Rallye de Wallonie 2000. >>> Download Link <<<
  5. I think that is indeed very fair. I'm only talking about Jon here. It is a shame though what happened on the first stage. 😞 Winning the championship now is going to be bloody hard now... He'll have to push on every stage and win all of the remaining ones to clinch the title...
  6. No @PJTierney! What happened to Jon on the first stage of this morning?!? 😭
  7. You're not the only one. 😆 I rarely feel nervous when following a rally but now I actually do!
  8. Wow @PJTierney, that's quite a statement by Jon after the first stage in Spain! Looks like his intentions are very clear on this one. Very impressive to say the least. Fingers crossed that he can keep this up and finish the season in the best way possible. 🤞
  9. We know that the first Codies WRC game will be released before March or April 2024. That was stated by Codies a little while ago. So don't expect a game earlier than Q4 2023. That means that if DR3 releases early 2022, it still has a life span of at least a year and a half, two at most. That's not at all unreasonable, don't you think? I still believe we can expect something to be announced and a possible release in the very near future.
  10. Wouldn't Ekström be a more logical option for both a rally and World RX car. Mattias and his team are already developing the Audi A1 Quattro Rally2 in collaboration with Audi, isn't he? And he has plenty of experience in RX too.
  11. That's what I thought as well. It's not uncommon, neither in the game industry nor in any other industry.
  12. What do you mean? Can you elaborate on that?
  13. With the final round of the JWRC coming up next week in Spain, I wonder if we'll get any news about the future of the franchise... It's most likely the last good moment where an announcement seems logical. I mean, Jon's on point to win the JWRC crown with the Codemasters DiRT Rally Team as he's the quickest and most consistent driver on tarmac in the championship. *Fingers crossed & touching wood* Securing that title and then announcing the next DiRT Rally, wouldn't be such a bad idea, don't you think @PJTierney?
  14. I do like it. And I haven't found another strip of music that is copyright free and sounds just right in the background. Thanks for the compliment, mate. Appreciate it.
  15. For those that are interested... It took me a while to actually put this one together but I think some of you will like it. 😉
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