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  1. SRD_SimVansevenant

    crazy fast event times

    If he is on ps4 I wonder how he is cheating. I've PC players cheat but PS4 players normally can't mess with the files the way PC players can or am I mistaken?
  2. SRD_SimVansevenant

    crazy fast event times

    This guy should indeed be banned because these are in no way legit times. Cheats must have been used. @PJTierney
  3. SRD_SimVansevenant

    crazy fast event times

    @Mike Dee Nice investigating skills you have there. Well done mate! Also interesting to see that the difference is smaller than I expected between the 205 GTI and the Citroën C4 (+-20sec).
  4. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Share your Screenshots!

    PC - Edited (colour/contrast) Finished the German round in the Dirt Official club. Man was that a close fight! I was 0.2 seconds behind second place on the penultimate stage but made a few minor errors on the final one. Great result and some exhillerating rallying! (Even though I'm not a huge fan of the NR4 cars.)
  5. SRD_SimVansevenant

    crazy fast event times

    Also keep in mind that some of the cars in the same class differ immensely. Take the 2000's class for example. I love driving the Skoda Fabia but it's the slowest car in the line-up. I go a minimum of two seconds faster with the Ford Focus on short stages. And as @Mike Dee mentioned there are a few drivers out there that are insanely fast, a few of the I know like Jarod. You'd see me at the top of the leaderboards in events in the past (I focus on clubs now) on tarmac rounds and most likely at the bottom of the top 10 in gravel rounds. It takes a lot of practice, dedication and a certain amount of talent to be at the top but those that reach that level are legit. Even if it looks like there times are insane and unrealistic. Also keep in mind that a decent setup helps a lot as well.
  6. Ok, that is true. We know and they know they can pull it off. The question then is, what would it cost in regards to time and resources to do this and is it worth that? I'm convinced they discuss it from time to time at the office so who knows. It would benefit many of us but what we want is not always what we will get as we look at it from a lover of the game perspective and they have to look at it from a lover of the game AND business perspective. I doubt it will happen in this title unfortunately but I truly hope that they will keep this in mind when they develop the next iteration of the game from the ground up.
  7. If I'm not mistaken the way we access those files for livery design is by opening the file where everything related to the cars is located. Because we bought the game we have access to the base content, which is moddable. If DLC content isn't encrypted, a certain modder would not just be able to extract the files from the DLC content concerning liveries but also the other car files which enables him/her to provide those cars freely to anyone via download. I personally hope that they change the way they go about it and do make them available at some point for livery modding.
  8. I've added the download link to my original post for the SimSepp VW Polo GTI R5. I'll also add it again right here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/simsepp-vw-polo-gti-r5.28311/
  9. Well, I've discussed a bit more with SimSepp and we've decided to make the livery available to the community. I'll upload the files in a bit and I'll post the link.
  10. Unfortunately not. It's a one of for SimSepp who is going to use it personally for championships.
  11. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Share your Screenshots!

    We've been eager to show off our latest creation which is an absolutely stunning beast created for SimSepp by SRD - Sim's Racing Design.
  12. We've been eager to show off our latest creation which is an absolutely stunning beauty created for SimSepp by SRD - Sim's Racing Design. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/simsepp-vw-polo-gti-r5.28311/
  13. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Share your Screenshots!

    PC - Edited (colour + contrast) SRD - Sim's Racing Design proudly presents the JWR Belgium VW Polo GTI R5. First seen on the stages of the first round of the WRCGamersClub Team Challenge at Monte Carlo. The team is loving it as do the spectators!
  14. They have given an explanation as to why the DLC cars are encrypted. It has to do with the fact that if they do make them available for us modders to create liveries for them, it would also allow a different kind of modder to extract the cars and offer them free of charge. It is content people have to pay for and if they would be available to download for free, it would benefit them or in fact us. If they don't get the revenue for the DLC content they won't invest in creating more DLC content. Even though it's not ideal for us the community, it is understandable. Maybe one day they will find a way to make them available without the risk of seeing the cars released for free by the type of modder I am definitely not a fan of. Once again a few people ruin it for the vast majority. I made a few suggestions on how to do it but every single one has its flaws one way or the other. Atleast we can continue designing some fantastic liveries for the ones that are available until a solution is found.
  15. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Share your Screenshots!

    PC - Edited (colours/contrast) Some images of the final day of round one in the DWI Championship where I'm leading after some intense rallying over several days.