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  1. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRTy Gossip

    What is this 22... B... you talk about? *nervous twitch* @tbtstt, do you know what he is referring to?
  2. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRTy Gossip

    I think this series of GIFs sums up what I just went through...
  3. Bloody hell, how's that happening... On the moment of revealing it! Should be fixed in the original post in a few seconds...
  4. Someone claimed that Xbox and PS4 players are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to optimisation etc. This is what he claims which was quite aggressive towards me, if I might add... I therefor decided to see if his claim had any truth to it. I borrowed an Xbox One from a friend and recreated the same conditions (default setup, one spare) and ran the same stage (Descenso por Carretera) with the same car (VW Polo R5). My objective was to come close to my official run (02:07.210) or my PB during practice (02:06.289). This is the result after trying for half an hour... P.S.: Don't laugh as I'm fresh out of bed and look funny sometimes. I suppose that this claim has no merit which further strenghtens my point...
  5. SRD_SimVansevenant

    Letter to Santa | Year 2 Rally Spec

    @SkyRex Are locations they only thing you would ask for from Santa? Tell Santa which cars you'd like to take for a spin on your location wishlist... I agree with just about anything you wrote there. By the way, that Japanese rally gives me vibes from a whole range of rallies. I see a bit of 'vineyard stage' flow in there, a bit of technical Corsican bits, a bit of Condroz Rally (if it were ever dry), smudge of Ypres Rally and Barum Rally Zlín as well... The stages look like a blast to go through...
  6. What I would've loved to see is a qualification system where each of the platforms had their own complete championship. Instead of each winner per event for each platform and the overall winner after three events (1 round) for each platform, I would have loved to see the top three of each event + top three of the overall standings after one round be qualified. Those will battle it out in the quarter and semi finals for each platform. Instead of doing the grand final between the two best drivers per platform, you organise a true final for each of the platforms. Then you get a PC, PS4 and Xbox World Champion. And maybe then you can do the ultimate battle between the champions of each platform: a Race of Champions... This should fit nicely in the way they organise it right now, even with the live events and all. Doesn't it make more sense this way?
  7. Who? The Xbox players? I highly doubt that... Once again, the fastest drivers amongst all players, regardless of platform, should be qualified...
  8. These are the results for the penultimate event of the World Series Qualifiers: (image1 = all DR2.0 players | image2 = Steam | Image3 = PS4 | image4 = Xbox One)
  9. Dear @PJTierney and the whole DiRT Team, As a competitive driver at the top end of the player base, I would like to point out a major issue/concern with the organisation of the eSports World Series Championship. This issue has been stated several times by others in the past as well, on Facebook or other media. The World Series website reads as follows: Now clearly this is NOT the case in this championship. The format is organised in a way so that not the fastest drivers in the world qualify but the fastest drivers for each of the three platforms. And this is where the problem, quite clearly, lies. Underneath you see four pictures of the latest round in Spain (Descenso por Carretera - R5-class). The first image shows you the classification (so far) of all the players regardless of platform. The second to fourth picture shows you the classifications for each of the platforms seperately. What you would expect, is that the top three drivers in the first image qualify as they are obviously the fastest drivers from amongst the whole player base. That, however, is NOT the case. It is in fact the top driver from each of the platforms that will be qualified for the World Series Quarter Finals, regardless if they set a top three time from amongst all drivers or not. If you look closely, the driver who will qualify on Xbox One is not even in the top 10 of fastest times from amongst the whole player base. I, myself, am two seconds faster than him. How is he allowed to qualify for the Quarter Final and others not, even though they are clearly a lot faster? And this platform separation goes on all the way through the Quarter and Semi Finals. Only in the Grand Final will the two fastest drivers from each platform come together to battle it out for the crown. It's not just in the current event that this is an massive issue. It's in EVERY single event. (I'll make a follow up post with another example to prove it.) I'm sorry to say this but none of the Xbox One players deserve to be qualified for the World Series Quarter Finals and neither are most of the PS4 drivers that qualified. Understand me correctly, I don't have anything against those players at all but this is just silly organisation. Look at the time differences! In some events the difference is over 10 or 15 seconds between the top PC time and the top Xbox time (e.g. Week 2 and 3 from Round 1)! How can they be counted amongst the best in the world? Several extremely talented players, TwoTwoOne being one of them and myself (slightly less talented), truly deserve that Quarter Final spot. It's an absolute shame that it has to be like this. And I'm completely sure that many others will see it the same way I do. This is absolutely 100% NOT a competition to find the best driver in the world.
  10. Cédric Cherain - Condroz Rally 2019 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/c-cherain-condroz-rally-2019.29833/ Enjoy this beauty lads...
  11. Stay tuned and watch out for a new livery I'll release this weekend or next week. The Bedoret Fabia R5 livery (cfr. image) has been extremely popular and the upcoming livery is along the same lines...
  12. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    I've fired up my rig again after being slightly burnt out but had a lot of fun while testing the C4 for a club event and the Fiesta R2 for the eSports World Series event. And I must say @PJTierney I'm happy to see the new liveries added by the team. There are several of them capturing the essence of what a proper rally car livery. Two examples are the black and yellow livery that's on the Mirage R5, VW Golf Kit Car,... and the one on the Fiesta R2 (cfr. images below). Edited (colour and contrast): Citroën C4 WRC - Argentina Ford Fiesta R2 - New Zealand
  13. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRTy Gossip

    You start explaining yourself, Mister! What are you referring to?!? SPEAK! Sorry, lost my cool there for a minute. Pretty please, @F2CMaDMaXX
  14. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Absolutely loving the two new beauties! PC - Edited (colour/contrast)
  15. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    The connection was good this afternoon for me which is a blessing as I was able to do my run for the World Series. Thank God it worked as I was able to set a blistering time! 😄