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  1. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    PC - Edited Money shot 1: Money shot 2:
  2. SRD_SimVansevenant

    Can't connect to RaceNet? *POST HERE!*

    I have the same issue. It's really beyond frustrating right now. I don't want to get into the club events because I'm afraid the bloody system will fail yet again and my times won't be recorded in clubs where there's world class competition. It's an absolute disaster. It's nearly occuring on a daily basis now. How can you, as a company, allow this to happen, is just beyond me. Such a shame as it is so fun to drive against the best in the world in the clubs I joined.
  3. I tested that beauty of yours out. 😉 Great job on them from a fellow designer.
  4. SRD_SimVansevenant

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    Let's look at it from this perspective: Designing liveries doesn't give anyone any advantage over someone else. It's purely cosmetic. = Allowed ACAT and physics alterations by community members have the possibility to provide a significant and unfair advantage to certain players. = Not allowed They deny access to DLC cars for livery designs because those files also contain all the other elements of the car as well which can lead to piracy and the devs losing revenue. = Not allowed It's modders that change core elements of gameplay or aspects that endanger revenue that are the reason certain things are no longer put available to the designers who don't mean any harm to the game, especially when their mods are only cosmetic. KolysioN might not have bad intentions with his mod, and others using it might not have, but it creates a situation where others can take advantage of certain aspects of the mod thus getting an unfair advantage in the game. The devs have no control over those mods and what people do with them, and I do understand that they need to protect their product and revenue. I do support an alternate way of encrypting the DLC cars so that the files livery designers need are available (4 of the 24 basically) and encrypt the ones we don't need. If we trace back to the root of the problem why things are not allowed or locked away, we find those modders that create mods offering the possibility of an unfair advantage or endangering their revenue, intentions of the modder not taken into account.
  5. SRD_SimVansevenant

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    I don't break the terms of service by modding the liveries because that is accepted by the developers. Modding physics and putting in ACAT is against the terms of service and should be punished. And I do blame the right people. The DLC cars are locked because of the danger of being made available for free by those modders that break the terms of service like the person above. FYI, people complain about the physics because they don't know how the car should behave in real life, how it should be driven to behave that way or they don't know how to create setups to make them behave in a way they want them to behave based on their driving style. The baseline ingame is a descent platform to start from and further refine to your personal style.
  6. SRD_SimVansevenant

    Asphalt physics : GRID (2019) vs DR 2.0

    So you are one of those modders... Breaking the integrity of the game by modding in cars that aren't suppose to be in the game, tracks-car combos that aren't allowed, and so much more apparently. You and similar modders like you are the reasons we aren't allowed to get our hands on the files for designing liveries for the DLC cars. I believe this to be extremely disrespectful and shameful behaviour. The reason we, honest players and modders, can't have the nice things we deserve...
  7. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    PC - Edited
  8. SRD_SimVansevenant

    S2000 car(s) - does they seem possible?

    That'll be tricky as I don't do something iike that. 😛
  9. SRD_SimVansevenant

    DiRTy Gossip

    Ypres Rally stages are narrow AND have deep ditches on the side! So no massive corner cutting possible! That solves one major problem some of the locations have. Not in Ireland though but still would be fun as hell...
  10. SRD_SimVansevenant

    S2000 car(s) - does they seem possible?

    Same opinion here. They would be a great addition but highly unlikely to be added. At least we can put some S2000 liveries on R5 cars. I'm actually planning to design a tribute livery of the Peugeot 207 S2000 from Peugeot UK and Kronos Racing on the 208 R5 and see what it looks like.
  11. SRD_SimVansevenant


    There is a drop of frames for me as well because of the density of objects and crowds... I just lower the crowd graphics and it works. The crowds are not important, graphically that is, when driving.
  12. SRD_SimVansevenant

    Something is coming...

    You feel less scammed because of the fact you scam the devs now. Very mature of you. Children between the age of 5 and 14 act like this. 😂
  13. SRD_SimVansevenant

    Something is coming...

    I wonder what he would say if the base game was the updated version of Dirt Rally (all content the same but updated) and all the DLC content was brand new. Let me tell you something @KolysioN... You bought a rally and rx game which has masses of new content like stages, circuits and cars. People then get the option to buy DLC content from previous Dirt games but updated in so many ways and even new content, which is not forced on you or needed to play competitively online in clubs or online events. If you are not happy with the excellent content they offer as extra content, free for anyone to buy, you should try to force your brain to think and see things from a different perspective than your needy greedy behind. Unbelievable that we still have to explain it time and time again to those disrespectful needy people.
  14. SRD_SimVansevenant

    Brightness options during a stage? Open to cheating?

    It's not cheating because you're using the settings as they present themselves. It is more a clever way of using the game's settings/mechanics. It isn't something they can remove either, the devs. It's to help those with sight issues or some other issue. I don't use it myself but I have seen others do it.
  15. I know it's not a fun decision but changing the way they do it. It must be too time consuming or expensive to implement a new system to change the way they store/encrypt files for the game or something. I believe it's not all that much work probably and should be possible in a day or so but the devs must be of the impression that it's not worth the effort. I asked if it was possible to decrypt the main texture file for each car and make certain files in there available to while encrypting the others, making them unable to extract or move. From the 24 files that you can find in a car's main texture files, I would be happy to be able to have access to four of them: xxx_glass_d.tga xxx_glass_s.tga xxx_main_d.tga xxx_main_s.tga That's all I would need to design spectacular liveries. If only they could make those available for us to extract and put back in once we were finished, I would be over the moon. And that's just me. Imagine all those people who would be absolutely overwhelmed with joy because of this! 😞 I already have a list of all those cars I would love to design for the game. These are just a fraction of what's on the list: