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  1. I would like to get GAS for PS3 but I'm scared that I'll get save data corruption problems. Has this particular issue been fixed yet? Is it game-breaking?
  2. Thanks, I got F1 2012 for £3.69 and it is much better than 2011 although I do have to resist the temptation of overtaking 10 cars in the first turns in order to have more exciting races!
  3. I have F1 2010 and 2011 but I don't play either because the poor AI made Career very boring. Basically I could overtake multiple cars in the first few turns of each race, and then I would find myself in a Lotus or Virgin in middle of the pack. Because the AI was bad and not at all aggressive, they wouldn't ovetake me and there would be a train of cars behind me who couldn't overtake. (I raced against Legend AI) Will I find this problem if I buy F1 2013, or is the AI more aggressive? Do they overtake and defend better?
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