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    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    This is more aimed at Codemaster's, than standard forum users'. I'd like to return to Codies for rallying. As I approach 50 I've spent many years buying their stuff, paying for dlc, etc., etc. I bought absolutely nothing in recent years, on purpose. The later titles sadly lost focus in my mind and became children's cash cows. Console projects that held little return value. Arcade handling, and a lack of care or responsibility that leaderboards were filled with cheat times that had little to do with skill - but everything to do with cutting corners, or basically driving through the scenery to record top times. Unrealistic, unrewarding and flawed beyond belief. A franchise lost in it's own inability to do the right thing by the genre, and its money spending fans. Harsh, but quite true. I've said it - until I am blue in the face, that making a full on sim with assists is entirely possible. Why do people like driving rally cars, if it isn't the challenge, if it isn't driving down roads twice as fast as we know we should do. I want nothing less than a full on RBR beater. Modern day kick-ass visuals. But visuals modelled on real stage scenery of the world. It doesn't matter if "official" licences as such aren't held. Include a livery editor for free - or even cheap via dlc. It would make more sense for revenue to charge for it because not all drivers' want to spend hours creating real liveries. With the official WRC licence taken, if the cars are included, liveries can be created by the buying public if they wish. I'd rather have lots of long tracks, with real life assists-off driving, than any amount of content that'll take time to create and get in the way of what really matters. Which to me is the look, feel and challenge of driving rally cars quickly. I don't care for virtual interviews, driving from stage to stage, etc. I'd rather you spend the 2 months that it would take to create all the other non-essential (in my view) parts on making the handling as close to real as possible - when driven with assists off. I completely understand why people like those features - I'm not knocking that. We are all different. But Geoff Crammond proved years ago, you could build realism, and keep the "pick-up and play" drivers' happy, with an array of assists. I'd like every terrain modelled. Mud, clay, gravel, tarmac, shale, etc., etc. But more than that I want to drive stages like they appear in real life. Affected by snow, rain, damp, fog, ice patches, wet leaves, mud that builds on a stage as it ages, puddles, aqua-planning., etc. Miss a pace note and I want my inside wheel punctured by boulders if I mess up big time. If other people don't - they can turn off that realism and dumb their own game down to whatever level makes them happy. It's about the buzz and adrenalin. Not everyone wants to suffer retirements, or limping back to end finishing line. Why would I be happy in 2014 to settle for less than a full on rally experience? Seriously, playing safe and banging out sub-standard stuff now is not an option. Not if you want countless sim fans like me to return to your franchise. I want realistic lighting, different times of day modelled. Night. Just like we'd see in real life. I want real ruts, pot holes, just like RBR used. Game-changers! I want rally put back on the map, no pun intended. I want replays to die for. Look at your opposition and take their best features and make them look silly. We shouldn't need to explain what will make a kick-ass rally experience. I want narrow stages, like many of you. I want to see almost photo realism as I drive towards a finish line. I want stages 4 or 5 times longer than the average that we saw in Dirt 2 and 3. RallyX would be an awesome "extension" of the rally franchise. Even if I had to pay to add the cars/tracks. I don't expect all of this for nothing. I don't expect Codies to go out of business building the ultimate rally title. But please, sort the basics. I hope Codies have the balls to trash what was beyond repair, and leave it behind. I'd love Codies to give me every reason to return and buy your next rally title on multiple platforms like I used to do before. By the way, real driver endorsement means nothing if the engine, the physics, and tracks don't become more realistic. It just becomes boring marketing. I can promise Codies that clever marketing practises won't get me back to your franchise spending money on your hard work. Turn out reworked stuff based on what I've played before and I won't be buying it. I certainly won't be buying it without trying it first either. Even if that means waiting for reviews to land. I'm tired of playing arcade titles, that hold no long term challenge or appeal. I don't mind driving a track in reverse, as long as it takes 12 mins or longer to drive. I also don't want reverse tracks at the expense of new creations either. I'm looking for a huge challenge - higher concentration to finish stages etc., etc. Just like real life. The emphasis has already turned towards you (Codies) proving to me that you care. I'll buy any amount of dlc you offer. Historic cars, new events like Goodwood for example, livery editor etc., etc. But first I want the base game to blow me away. None of this half-way house rubbish. None of the "we'll put night racing in next time". Seriously, if you can get me back to your franchise, I'd be very happy - but anything less than hard work and commitment on your part will be pretty much a waste of your time as far as I am concerned. I did support you, and supported you well. Like many world-wide I help you become what you are today. In the end though - you took a lot of my money, whilst trying to slap my face. I didn't appreciate it - which is why you've had nothing ever since. You are a self-claimed racing studio. Your efforts need to improve 400% for that marketing to become reality. But I will support you again if you give me reasons to. I really hope Codies fans, and rally fans get the experience they deserve. You can and should get RBR handling, with assists bolted on so that you can recreate the exact experience that you want from a rally title. I'd also like to see full integration for friends. I hardly play multiplayer "live" with friends. I game more by setting challenges for friends offline. I want to be able to view stage times, even better I'd like to view replays of their hard work/crashes too. I want to see those magic-save moments when they almost lost control. I want to view splits, I also thought the DiRT social stuff was ok too, when you got updates about your friends when you booted the game. I want to see you use: realistic type physics, realistic images of tree/shrubs etc for stage scenery and other standing objects, nice detailed car models, all the weather conditions that real drivers face, all road surface types and hazards that each world stage provides, mixed surfaces too, awesome audio for every aspect, build anti stage-cutting routines that work & test them to destruction, I want to be able to take pics from replays, I want replays that look lifelike, awesome arrays of supported wheels and amazing FFB, multi-camber designs, jumps that make your heart go in your mouth if you are spinning slightly as you leave the track, proper "Colin's Crest" moments. I want it all! Why do I want this Codemasters? Because rallying is the some of its parts. Give me a dozen important things, and leave 2 out of the equation - and you will fail because you won't be delivering anything that different from what you have done before. I'll tell you now, if you can get me to one of your studio's and impress me I can g'tee you'll be on the right track. You may have a larger audience on console, I completely understand why - but you've always failed to impress the PC sim driver. I own both. If you get the next rally game right, you could put the modders out of business and give nobody a reason to support modding on RBR or RF ever again. It's yours for the taking, but it will mean building a different project on PC to console. It's yours for the taking Codemasters. I for one, hope that this year - your balls will be big enough to finally build a full rally experience worthy of Colin's name again. Build a rally game that you should have bought to the table several years ago... Cheers Wain