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  1. Ecto One Rally Edition confirmed?
  2. Is it possible that they reduced the price for Dirt Rally 2.0 PC? It is now 49.99€ for standard and 67.99€ for deluxe. Wasn't there like 59.99€ and 74.99€ before?
  3. The first articles are online from the press event in cologne: https://www.eurogamer.de/articles/2019-01-23-dirt-rally-2-0-wie-klingt-dark-souls-auf-raedern-fuer-euch It says you have to watch your tires' state and maybe need switch your available tires between the stages. And it mentioned some of the stages are up to 15 mins long. https://www.ingame.de/previews/vorschau-dirt-rally-2-0/ It mentions team and garage (maybe like in dirt 4?) and upgrades and tuning to improve stage times.
  4. Interesting.. game.co.uk lists the porsche ONLY for the deluxe version and amazon lists the porsche as pre order bonus for all editions.
  5. Looking at the original release of Dirt 4, it is pretty clear to me how this will work. As the Opel Kadette C GT/E DLC from GAME.CO.UK is also part of the non deluxe version, it is different from season 1 and 2 DLC. For Dirt 4 there was the hyundai pre order car. After release you could buy the pre order car separately as a small DLC (still available on dirt 4 steam page). If Codemasters is a reasonable company all different pre order cars will be available later for purchase for everyone. Everything else would cause shit storm. The Opel DLC is also available from Germany at gamestop.de
  6. There will be another Hands on Event for Dirt Rally 2.0 in cologne on 22nd January, for the press I assume. Hopefully they will Show some New stuff.  https://www.gamestar.de/artikel/dir-rally-20-schon-vor-release-in-koeln-spielen-gewinnspiel-fuer-gamestar-plus,3339053.html
  7. There was some comment on the codies blog: "and if you’re tuning into Rally Spain, we hope it gets you excited to take the Polo GTI R5 for a spin around the Spanish tarmac that DiRT Rally 2.0 promises. Those of you with a keen eye will have seen the first glimpses of this on our Instagram account earlier this week…" http://blog.codemasters.com/community/10/episode-two-of-our-new-dirt-insight-series-has-landed/
  8. PCGames Hands-on: http://www.pcgames.de/Dirt-Rally-20-Spiel-61974/Specials/Hands-on-Vorschau-1266142/ Mentioned cars: 1995 Impreza Nissan Datsun 240 z
  9. Preview from GameStar: https://www.gamestar.de/artikel/dirt-rally-20-angespielt-kompromisslos-20,3335271.html Surface deformation is pre computed. Depending on starting position road surface will be in one of three conditions.
  10. It seems that codies changed the base price of Dirt Rally on Steam to $39.99, 33.99€ over the last weekend - coincidence? :D
  11. Okay, so Codies you know what you need to do:
  12. So there is more new content than Pikes Peak stuff right? Gotta ge home and check it out.
  13. DiRT Franchise weekend sale on steam right now. I hope that is a sign :D
  14. I rescued some pictures from the cars. If that offends anyone I will put them down. http://imgur.com/gallery/rwle0
  15. Codies, please don't play with my feelings^^
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