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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    what codemasters has done in 2012,2013 is absolutely fine, but there are some points they could add/improve, which would be great in my opinion ;) :) ---more animations(podium), magazine texts and other things that show your victory, your brilliant job in a race. (especially when you win sth.whats really hard it should sound more "unbelievable", for example to win a race in a marussia in legend mode is harder, than a win in beginner mode in a redbull)---more information in the team radio(positions, lap times,crashes,...) maybe a commentator before, after and in-race in special situations) ---interwievs(the other teams and drivers react positive or negative on some of your answers(e.g. arrogant or sportsmanlike) drive more aggressive vs. you( if you made them "angry")-or let you pass more easy in some situations. also your position in the championship and if you are a rookie, or an experienced driver could cause some positive or negative driving behaviour of the opponents) all in all: they like, neutral or hate you and show that on the track. see bahrain--maldonado hates guitierrez ;) :D---podium,  and winning ceremony anthems?-constructors and driver championship trophy handover at the end of the season---!life the live feeling!  be a f1 driver is something special!---safety car more often(in splitscreen?)---a new mode, where you start as a beginner team(you are the n1 driver) and have to make it to the top in 1-3 years.---a 4 player splitscreen mode or/and 4player co-op online mode?)---coloured cars on the minimap-either team colour(like in f1 2005) or the first 3 in the championship gold-silver-bronze(like in race driver 3)...---tv mode like in f1 2005, 2006---user defined grid order---before the race show the grid order (like in f1 2002)could be animated with grid girls(like in f1 2005)---a kind of rss feed like its in tv, so you are always informed about all positions and times. or as i wrote, the commentator can do this ;)---highlights at the end of the race!