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  1. TPJP said:

    Somebody also managed to snap a video, looking good:


    1:14 -  Ohh, thats some wide road righ there, it loks more like a higway or airport, not forest road.. (some small comparsion
    I am a little disappointed with those track...

    BTW: I know its early acces.. but i dont like your prorites, its simulator so you could firstly work with physic, but now the ffb patch its still in waiting and our physic suggestions are stil in the unknow.. you dont even answered (its better idea than deleting the threads and saying "..our game have the best physic, so sh-] up, otherwise you will be banned.." like Project Cars devs, but i would like to see your opinion) When i heard its simulator, I bought the game and was exepting proper FFB and physic, not the graphics and track, cars.. i dont mean you should dont work with this stuff, but your prority should be the physic!