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  1. Unplayable here (Finland) also, any comment @PJTierney what's going on?
  2. The following post by PJ in the other topic: Flat Out being the 1.13, and 1.14 has been mentioned containing only minor updates.. 1.15 = GRX i20 ??
  3. Postponed ERC Azores event goes virtual: https://www.fiaerc.com/erc-event-organisers-confirm-azores-virtual-rallye-is-go/?fbclid=IwAR1Wlx_IK9KuOfFxbs_ypAa8t_V22nhSTlzuF7Vo8WFga5aEJcnk0c3StDA
  4. Currently I don't see point in buying that individually, since Deluxe 2.0 (Seasons 3+4) is on sale in Steam 8,03€ and you'd get the Flat Out pack with buying that also.
  5. THURSDAY 12 #12 McCulloch/Edmondson - CMR Forest Stages Rally 2013 FRIDAY 11 #11 Kelly/Herron - CMR Historic Forest Stages 2013 (yes it's not SUBARU but the location is correct)
  6. #26 Paterson/Haugh - CMR Forest Stages 2013
  7. #29 Anderson/Sutherland - CMR Forest Stages 2013
  8. #33 Robertson/McDonald from CMR Forest Stages Rally 2013. I can't recall the name of the stage but it's the same as in this video https://youtu.be/i2dZf-xdtfI
  9. This better be true Jennifer seems also "excited"..
  10. I tried to Google a good quality photo of Foust from other events than X-games from that era without success. MORE OFF TOPIC: How those photo thumbnails are done in this forum? I've tried [ img ] codes but it still shows up full-scale in post preview.
  11. https://www.dirtfish.com/blog/dirtfish-and-world-rally-champion-ott-tanak-join-forces-for-2020/ DirtFish + Tänak Also something more coming up next week, maybe R4 project?
  12. The GTi 16v and Kit Car have been homologated separately, that's why they're also being listed separately. Though this is only my guess, might be completely wrong
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