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    @loore patch progress please .

    downloading update now via steam. 128.6mb
  2. Rennfahrer

    FIX THE MONEY!!...please 8P

    Money Pack DLC? :\ from what cars i have, it's the cat c touring car that's the money pit. i won a race and got 6000 cash, then repair bill for 15,000! :o but my formula c (level 30+) is very cheap to repair surprisingly.
  3. Rennfahrer


    got mine too. patch notes please.
  4. Rennfahrer

    Online Issues: Racing line aid, Grid order

    haven't played in a room with racing line on. didn't even know this was an option.
  5. Rennfahrer

    Online car upgrades

    It is useless in my eyes to own a car specially fully upgraded atm. Money goes out quicker on repairs then comes in from racing. Even in a timeattack race where I dont hit anything my damage to the car is 10% after each race. So need to fix that every 2 races or so to keep compatitive wich costs around 10.000 to 15.000. Which most of the time is more then you earn when finishing 2nd or 3rd. and that is how grid autosport became real racing 3. what next, in-app purchases?
  6. Rennfahrer

    So online huh...

    i think you should also learn to let them go, 'coz in the end they'll just be crashing amongst themselves.
  7. Rennfahrer

    Israel flag is missing.

    i live in the philippines, but according to codies i live in "rest of world". c'mon codies get off your ass!
  8. Rennfahrer


    hey loore, do you still have tiff needel onboard to do the voice work on this?