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  1. Hello, and my name is Racer Fi5h. GRID Autosport was a brilliant game indeed, but nobody wants the series to end there. Yes, were all thinking it. WE WANT GRID 4!  I've played practically every game that CodeMasters have released, and I can tell you, they are all good in my books. But GRID? Thats something special. I feel ashamed to say it, but since GRID 1, the amount of players has only declined, and we've honestly got to stop this. Would you like to know how? Well its pretty simple. Releasing another GRID, whilst taking the opinions of the community will make GRID 4 (If it ever gets produced) the best Racing game to ever be born from CodeMasters. I've decided to make this thread for opinions and ideas that the community would like to implement within GRID 4, and perhaps we can save the GRID series, and atleast finish the series on a game that will never be forgotten. Along with me and you guys, we can make the racing game we've all been waiting for, and all we need is for CodeMasters to hear me and you guys out. I'm gonna get straight to the point. GRID 1? Everyone loved it. The graphics were good. The tracks were good. The campaign was good. Do you know why people loved it in particular? They loved it due to the sheer amount of detail that was put into it, and the fact that high quality interior textures were implemented also.  GRID 2? It was loved, but not so much. The graphics were also good. The tracks were also good. Do you know why people didn't love it as much? NO INTERIORS! The game had a very similar feel to GRID 1, but it just didn't give the fans what they wanted. GRID Autosport? I loved it personally. But the same can't be said about the majority of people. The graphics were more than good. The tracks were more than good. They even included interiors (Which I must mention could be compared to textures produced in Minecraft, but thats besides the point!). But do you know what they missed out? THE ARCADE/ACTION FEEL THAT THE PREVIOUS GAMES HAD!  Don't get the wrong end of the stick Codemasters, each GRID has something that everyone loves, but you miss a vital feature every time! GRID 2 would have been perfect if there were interiors! Autosport is in-fact great, but it doens't have the feel of the previous 2 games. I recall browsing through the GRID 2 forums back in the day, seeing threads upon threads of how people wanted the next GRID (That being GRID Autosport) to be more "Simulation like". NO! Thats why you buy Assetto Corsa! GRID wasn't born to be a simulation game, it was born to be a game full of action and the feeling of being a champion, which is exactly what GRID 1 gave to us!  For those who have actually read up to this point, and are agreeing with what I have to say, then that is great, because I believe that together we can make the next and most likely the final GRID something to remember! Here are a list of features from the Top of my head I would like to see within the next GRID. I understand that many of you probably don't agree with me as everyone has an opinion of their own, so leave it hear! We need to show Codemasters what we want, and we want them to produce a game that will be played for eternity! What we would like to see in GRID 4: -A slightly larger selection of Tracks and vehicles. The vehicles and Tracks that have been implemented into the previous GRIDS have been brilliant, and the standard of these Cars and tracks should be kept. -CAR INTERIORS! One of the most important factors of a racing game is that you have an experience which is life like, and this is practically impossible if work is not done to the interiors of the vehicles within the game. People loved the cockpits which were featured in GRID 1, so I believe that should be a feature that should also be dragged into GRID 4.  -WE DONT WANT SIMULATION! We want a game which makes you sweat upon completing races, and gives you a feeling of success and victory upon winning. We want opponents to drive like headless chickens, that aren't afraid to leave dents and scratches on your vehicle! The 1 feature within GRID 1 that made it special for me was the feeling of action whilst racing. (Music, Speed, etc.)  -We want a Career mode which will leave you with memories that you will never forget. GRID 1 had a brilliant storyline in which you started from the bottom, and eventually reached the top being a champion. This also applies for GRID 2 also. However I didn't get this feeling when playing Autosport due to the lack of dialogue, cutscenes, and the whole thrill of winning!  -Text-Chat within Multiplayer. Multiplayer is very fun and thrilling, but the only problem is the lack of communication between players. I mean, they're may be voice chat, but the feature is rarely used, and lobbies tend to be filled with silence. Having the implementation of Text-Chat allows players to talk to eachother, and bring the whole community together as a whole, rather than racing with your mouth taped up!  So there we have it! The features that I believe should be within the next GRID. But I can't get my point across alone. I need the communities help. If you have any brilliant ideas or simple want Codemasters to hear you out, then post to your hearts content here! Lets make the next GRID legendary!