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  1. Purchased this game on Steam to show my support for the VR finally being added and it turns out it runs like **** on the Rift. 
    It runs that bad it made me feel sick and I've never felt sick from VR till today.

    One Google search later and I find out it's because CM has two different versions of the bloody game for two different marketplaces, uncool CM very uncool once again you screw over the people who want to support you.
    Well needless to say my copy of the game is being refunded, I won't be purchasing it the Oculus store as I won't be forced into buying it from one specific place simply to get the performance that should be available on all versions of the game and I'm done with your bullsh*t. 
    I know I'm only one person but I won't be supporting any of your games again going forward, I'm done with Codemasters and the couldn't care less about the consumer attitude they have.

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  2. This can't be true can it? No VR support for DIRT 4 makes little to no sense, given that the game can't be that different from DIRT Rally where they have VR nailed nicely.
    Since switching to VR several months ago I've not played anything on a monitor since, because it feels horrible wrong. I've no longer got a monitor in front of my rig either as I'm 100% committed to VR now.

    If DIRT 4 doesn't have VR support I won't purchase it, I know I'm only one person, but I'm confident there are others who now race in VR that won't too.