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  1. ive never known them so quiet , where is dirt 4???
  2. Is it possible to use the external cam sound for internal cam or bonnet view? i love the external sound, but when you use in car or bonnet, its very muted and pretty rubbish. Anyone?
  3. this is what i hate about the game, upgradeable cars, all cars should be equal, no tweaking, no upgrading, level playing field, like Grid 1. A race should be fair.
  4. ive got an idea for cheaters, basically divide a track into 400 checkpoints say, if a car passes one of these in a super fast way, auto kick.  how hard could it be to implement this?
  5. so i got the update yesterday afternoon, i didnt know it had updated , i played a few rounds last night, and i noticed quite a bit of slowdown , dropping from 60fps quite a few times, whether the update is to blame or not i dont know. seems fishy. Previously i had lowered my settings and it was constant 60fps regardless of track or amount of cars.
  6. i loved the rood mod on grid 1 for the pc, surprised no body has done a camera mod pack for it yet :-(
  7. Ive already paid for the season pass dlc, id be happy with donny, nurb , and a db9
  8. As for monaco in this game, why would you want to? you cant even pass on it.
  9. proper circuits, not street, i also hate silverstone, boring track id like these, all from GRID 1. Donnington ParkMilanNurburgring
  10. first impressions very good, had a few races with loggy, jarama reverse was good in the touring cars, the cars are easy to lose the back end,and if you go on the kerbs ,good luck!  but you get used to it, its great. well done codies, handles pretty well.
  11. can you choose what session you join?? cant see a list, it just plonks you in one
  12. You mean there's a separate key for the DLC which you got from your account page on simplycd's website?  -I don't see anything about DLC.. I was sent one key and used that to download main game.  (sorry for being so thick). no, one key for the game, you install that, then go in your steam,  library , click on autosport, then on the dlc on the right, then the high res pack
  13. i thought pirates were a thing of the past with steam??
  14. ive just downloaded and installed the hd pack with the key from simply games, you have to click on the dlc , and click on the hd pack, it says claimed or something, then it downloads it
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