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  1. wildcatdave

    F1 2019 career game crashes freezes [ZX]

    Just spent an hour and a half formatting hard drive reinstalling Windows 1809 reinstalling drivers for the wheel and the Nvidia card setting up steam, only installed Formula 1. This is a clean from the bottom up install... game immediately crashes on opening screen without even hitting any buttons. This is absolutely unreal. I wanted to play it so bad I was willing to sacrifice wiping my drive and it still won't run. Codies, you guys suck, your product sucks. Good thing I got this for free. I've got other things I can do with my time and money, not spend it on your terrible products that's for sure.
  2. wildcatdave

    F1 2019 career game crashes freezes [ZX]

    At least you can start the game, my game is crashing immediately from the main menu screen that says press any button. I don't even hit a button within about 5 Seconds of the screen showing Vettel and Hamilton I get a crash report, that's it nothing else. 7700k, 1080ti most recent drivers, win 10 1809, all other racing games work: project cars etc etc.
  3. wildcatdave

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Does anyone know how to get 3 screens working??? I have an Nvidia setup with three 24" 1080p monitors.  It works just fine with iRacing, and all the other racing games - need for speed, etc.  I have the Nvidia Surround enabled so Windows 7 think I have a 5760x1080 single display.  But in the Dirt Rally game it only allows me to pick 1920x1080 or lower, and drops it on the center screen.