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  1. Thanks for the reply PJ. I set my wheel to 540 and that did the trick. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Been trying to get the game set up and the auto calibration and soft lock are not to my liking. I would rather just set it to a flat 540 and have that be the same for all cars. I realize it's not as realistic but that's not my goal here. I have seen multiple posts where people say "yeah I turned off soft lock and set it to 540" but I cannot find anywhere to set steering angle rotation in game. Is this something they're setting in the wheel hardware/driver versus the game?
  3. I also have the formula V2 and the brand new McLaren v2 (its very nice, a bit larger, but no shift lights, which is a bummer) But for rally driving I prefer a round wheel. Luckily I was able to map the clutch to the joystick click. But any other mapping caused it not to work as others have experienced. The car would rev in gear but never move, like either the clutch or e-brake were engaged even though the only pedal being depressed was the accelerator. Others have experienced this when I did searches. Thanks for checking, I appreciate the reply.
  4. SOLUTION BELOW... I found a few other posts here and there saying that if you map the clutch pedal on your driving setup as handbrake the car won't move and sure enough that's what I spent my 1st half hour figuring out. Just got done playing some dirt 4 without any problem using this setup. how is it possible you guys have screwed this up? I don't want to use a button for a clutch as that does not give me any analog control at all. It seems like you intentionally hampered this. I've tried assigning the clutch to different buttons in different places on my wheel so that the actual physical
  5. Does anyone know how to get 3 screens working??? I have an Nvidia setup with three 24" 1080p monitors.  It works just fine with iRacing, and all the other racing games - need for speed, etc.  I have the Nvidia Surround enabled so Windows 7 think I have a 5760x1080 single display.  But in the Dirt Rally game it only allows me to pick 1920x1080 or lower, and drops it on the center screen.
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