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  1. austinb

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    There definitely are ruts. They may not be modelled in 3D visually, and may not pull as strongly as you might expect on the wheel, but the car is affected by them. When running at the rear of the starting order, I have actually almost rolled a few times when chucking it into a tight corner. The wheels get partly caught in a rut rather than sliding, nearly rolling the car.
  2. austinb

    " 1 right tightens!" How??? 😂

    Are all 3 rights the same? Are all 5 lefts the same? Think of the numbers covering a range of “tightness”. So it makes perfect sense of a 1 right to tighten further, just as a 5 right can tighten without getting as tight as a 4 right. I have tried to show what i mean below. The top line is the notes you hear and how they may fit within the overall range covered by that number (shown in brackets). Does this make sense to you?
  3. Rally Azores would be very cool and unique. Alternatively an Irish or IOM tarmac rally would be very nice.
  4. austinb

    Any assistance please?

    I have turned steering centre force off completely, its not really necessary and just clouds over the self-aligning torque.
  5. austinb

    H2 FWD no cars available?

    I think the idea is that as these cars are old you have to buy them "Used" so there's not always a golf for sale. The newer car you can often buy new or used.
  6. austinb

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    I absolutely agree that problems should be highlighted, and businesses cant take us for granted, but people really blow things out of proportion, especially in gaming. I agree that it is natural for us to pin point issues but there requires a measured response not a "Stupid game not worth any of your time or money" type of response which some people put on steam. It is also natural for people to follow trends, and opinions can become unrealistically morphed by influence and/or association. That is all I'm saying here, that negativity spreads like wildfire. If everyone tried the game individually without external influence you would have a many isolated raging fires instead. These fires can be dealt with in time with improvements and fixes, but the wildfire has the potential to destroy the game entirely. If that happens and the devs loose interest in improving the game (as with Dirt 4), then nothing is fixed and everyone looses.
  7. austinb

    Achtung! Fix Ai before release!

    I remember you LaPremierre, welcome back to the forums. Your ramblings have always amused me. ❤️
  8. austinb

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    The only issues I've had is the "connection failed" screen after finishing an event. However, each time this happens, it works properly when I click "Retry". How bad is the issue for you? Can you actually not play it at all?
  9. austinb

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is wonderful. Stop complaining!

    Yes there are elements of the game that could be improved, there are some odd design decisions and things that are slightly disappointing, but fundamentally the game is extremely rewarding and fun. Current culture (in particular internet culture) seems to promote negativity. Far more weight is given to something bad than something good. In this case, a few bad things about this game have been blown out of proportion by the hate train, when in reality the positives more than make up for the negatives. Such is life I suppose... people love to have a good moan. EDIT: Myself included, I just moan about work and the weather!
  10. austinb

    Favourite location so far?

    For me Argentina. It is so different to anything we have had in a rally game before, authentically replicating the legendary El Condor rally stage. New Zealand had been my most requested location previously and comes in a close second. For me the most disappointing is Spain. Not because it is bad, it’s just not the type of stage I enjoy, I would feel the same about a Corsica location. I like my tarmac rallies narrow and bumpy!
  11. austinb

    Setting Up Cars Really Stinks

    Sorry but you're being extremely touchy. In my original post I actually agreed with your suggestion, but expressed my opinion that you were exaggerating how much of a problem it is. For some reason you took this as an insult or attack (which it wasn't). You then proceeded to actually insult me multiple times for no reason. I chose not to react in the hope that you would chill out. Instead you have just carried on digging a hole in my absence. Forums are for discussion. If you post a suggestion, why are you surprised that people come and comment on it? It is OK to have different opinions, we are not trying to change your mind, just have a balanced discussion on the genuinely interesting suggestion you made.
  12. I agree. Argentina is so bumpy at times, I have a hard time seeing where Im going!
  13. austinb

    Setting Up Cars Really Stinks

    Wow, you shared your opinion, I shared mine. I will go back to not playing the game with my newly accrued self-affirmation. Thanks.
  14. I would have preferred Season 3 for free
  15. What championship are you in now? Open is ridiculously easy, once you get into Club it is a bit less forgiving, and once you're in Professional you cant be making many mistakes, so I feel its just the first championship that's stupidly easy.