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  1. 26 minutes ago, RallyDriven said:

    I’m home and look what’s here 😍4664F375-11D8-45F2-B949-498733B4E16D.thumb.jpeg.5849879ea7b02640ca1a2feeba82f844.jpeg

    Just make sure you put in the Game code before the steam code when during installation! It gets a bit borked if you do it the other way round.

  2. 3 hours ago, RodgerDavies said:

    Pretty much. Up until last year, closing public roads for rallying wasn't possible in law, so we have no closed road events. Weirdly, there was one (Jim Clark Rally in Scottish Borders) but it hasn't run for a few years since an accident killed two people who were (incorrectly) reported to be spectators. Within the UK, it's possible in Northern Ireland and debatably (as to whether it's UK or not|) Isle of Man, but not within Great Britain (the mainland). There are a few that run on private land, like Epynt, and some tarmac parts of gravel stages on private estates.


    Two of the rounds of the normal British Championship are outside the UK, in Cork and Ypres, for similar reasons. 


    Also, you have the best roads for tarmac rallying in the world. That's why me and lots of other Brits visit Bastogne, Ypres, Condroz etc each year 😉

    The first proper closed public-road rally in England took place last year actually. The "Corbeau Seats Rally Tendring & Clacton". This was very much a pilot event for the start of closed road rallying in mainland UK.

    It was a success and is returning again in April this year. There was talk of including it in the British Tarmac Rally Champ but i think given its infancy, it has been left off the schedule for 2019.

  3. If the web page loads slowly, the background picture comes up before the pictures and text in front of it. So I had a split second of just that picture. Everything is loading instantly now so I cant get a screen of it without the stuff in front.


    EDIT: You got it nice! ^^

  4. What we need is somebody to strap @KickUp into their passenger seat and then drive round an underground car park like a maniac until @KickUp gives up the relevent information
    sounds like a job for @Rallycameraman 

    Sorry guys, but if it's from yesterdays chat, then it's not that exciting, it's just a nice thing to have as they didn't know.

    So, if i *am* correct in that assumption, it's the time of day stuff, PP isn't run at the end of the day (so sunset timing)  It's run really early (road closure stuff) so as not to disrupt traffic as much.
    If this is the case, theres a guy on this forum who actually lives near the peak and has been saying the sun position is wrong since its release. 

    Edit: It was @bokimoto
  5. Yeah I think we'd have to just accept that we already know them, but id rather have the ability to have a league championship for example with 10-12 rallies (knowing half of them well) than only having 5-6 rallies that are all new. 
  6. We’ve been told it takes codies a long time to completely create a stage, and although we had a nice stream of new locations in the EA period, we know they had been in development for a year or two on top of that. My thought is that if they are planning to release a sequel of some form in 2 years or so, they likely wont be able to create more than 5 ish new locations.

    So I can see why they may want to save any they make for the next title rather than releasing a new location as dlc in 6-8 months, to then receive the backlash from players/press for “reusing most of the content and only having 4 new locations”

    Personally I would rather have recycled stages as well if it means more stages, but I know a lot of people would get upset about having minimal new content in a new title. 

  7. As we have discussed before on here, true dynamic terrain deforming is probably unlikely, a much more time efficient way (and far less demanding processing wise) would be to create separate stage profiles for different levels of use.

    Just like circuit games have dirty - fully rubbered in versions of the same tracks. The next dirt game could have various versions of stages. This would potentially be the same stage with the physical model changed to simulate rutting etc and grip level changes.

    The same method could be used to add larger puddles and ruts to replicate a “heavy rain” weather condition. Which includes vast physical changes of the surface not just visual rain and less grip.  

  8. The wider the audience the easier codemasters will return to arcadeism. Less sim, more sales for their next game. A crowd of people who know how to rally can create a better sim than people spouting weird ideas like a test track a large gymkhana etc

    You're deluded mate, the reason they never went in the sim direction is because the management didnt think it would sell. They gave it a chance and to their surprise it sold well. How can the game doing well on console as well, do anything but confirm that there is a market for a sim rally game on either pc or console? Stop saying anything you can to be negative about consoles, you're just being a PC superiority idiot. Why else would you have a problem with a game you like, selling well on console? If there a valid reason ive missed please let me know.
  9. KevM said:         
     & Impreza & RS200 etc etc.  The stage starts are new and the new cars are great, as are the TYRES!!! 

    Would you care to elaborate please? :) The stage starts, in what way are they new? Do they have a new look (new objects/ marshalls etc), new positions on the stages, or a different functionality in game (more control of the car at the start)?

    And tyres? Different tyre physics model, different visuals, option to choose which type?

    We need to know!!

  10. In the absence of a Reviews thread, here's a review: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-03-30-dirt-rally-review
    A lot of mistakes in this review, I take it they have no quality assurance policy.

    -   Consistant mixing up of: stages, legs, races, courses. “By the time you start the final race in a stage,”   - What??

    -    “…the combined time ‘cost’ of those repairs cannot exceed 30 seconds…”  -  That’s a ninja mechanic.

    -    “Jamsa in Finland’s snowy funnels”  -  Erm… does Finland have snow now?!

    -    “…tarmac hill-climbs in soggy Wales,”  -   I think someone googled the wrong pikes peak…

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