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  1. To the Americans in here saying how crap it is that they are neglected from the world of rallying: Firstly the main issue with it being based mainly in Europe is cost. Everyone is tight nowadays and people cant just travel the world all the time (even manufacture backed teams arent fond.) The simple fact is that the majority of fans are in europe. I do appreciate that you have a lot of passionate people and some great stages, but these are the main reasons. WRC is trying to keep itself international with arg, mex, aus, and now china! And although you may feel that its still miles away (and it
  2. Having said that tbtstt, is it not plausible that the same car has the potential to be reconfigured to a higher power output (depending of course on how the power was restricted from its potential) ie did it have a completely different engine for BRX? would it have same engine but many different components? or is it the same but with a simple air restrictor which could be easily removed to return it to bonkers spec? 
  3. Lucky! I live in Essex so theres lots of people who think their production scoobies are rally cars, but not much rallying past that
  4. Is it a stage rally spec car or a car built for a different discipline? I ask this because you say that "[It could be] prep for a new game entirely" so is it perhaps a different discipline of off-road competition car that doesnt necessarily fit into the current game? And are you saying they live near you too then? if so where do you live?  (County, Town, Postcode, Road, Number, and is there a comfortable looking bush opposite?) ;)
  5. G29 for PC or PS4, still in the sale here for £160 http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing-accessories/computer-accessories/game-controllers-and-joysticks/logitech-driving-force-g29-racing-wheel-black-10135572-pdt.html
  6. Oh right, myth busted then. Whats wrong with my body? :(
  7. Underkex said: Back then it wasn't as difficult as today. V-Rally 1 and 2, Colin Mcrae Rally 1 and 2.., all they have perfect liveries without any WRC license. Perhaps all started when the official WRC games appeared on the PS2.Actually CMR 1,2 & 3 did all had the official wrc license. That explains the loss of such world rally team liveries in the following games.
  8. I do think putting the 207 and similar in rally cross was a good move for the game's sake though, theres plenty of rally classes, but the rally cross part of the game was very limited, so having a grassroots class and a national level class (kinda) before getting the wrx cars makes the rally cross content much more authentic (and easier to learn)
  9. I 100% agree but now is a time for celebration and rejoice! anything else can wait till tomorrow. EDIT: @KickUp did the band have permission to upload this content so early?
  10. WOW So suprised by Loeb's 208! And yay! I got the other mcrae liveries right! (escort and rs500)  Edit: rallyx mini looks like fun!
  11. I was guessing it was a screenshot from a lower quality graphics setting?
  12. They said they might be able to get it out for today, they didnt confirm they would.
  13. To be fair i think its likely we will be gossiping about dlc before dirt 2 but i get your point there
  14. This is again a problem specific to rally games. Circuit racing games can just constantly build upon the same list of tracks, because people dont "get bored" of them, because if you did get bored of tracks then you wouldnt like circuit racing full stop because its constant repetition. Where as rally games are are expected to have new stages to keep them fresh. personally im happy to have old stages aswell provided there are an equal number of new stages 
  15. What if it is a 5 about 4? ;) Shortarse alert.
  16. It be a question of how far can you get instead of how fast you can get up.
  17. Citroen 2CV Sahara from CMR 04, wait, citroen, damn :(
  18. And eventually you will find yourself in one of those trees, going 0mph. And at that point you will feel a lot better knowing that you lost to what looks like a huge solid pine tree, as opposed to letting some flat tree coloured piece of cardboard ruin your day :) 
  19. Yes but do they offer the same performance and quality that dirt rally does?
  20. function9 said: I still hope because of the success they rethink/reconsider DLC. A couple/few more years of maybe quarterly DLC releases with some fixes/tweaks along the way (like a new physics revision). From a lowly player's perspective a couple "issues" that come to mind with the current engine are: stage lengths and replay system. Would moving onto a new DR title with a new[er] engine guarantee they would change the current replay system and give us a proper one with small demo/replay files that can be saved and viewed at any time? Would it guarantee full stages like Ouninpohja in it's
  21. versedi said: I see guys that we can agree onto one thing here - it's time that Ogier's replaced or at least have a strong competitor. I don't say that Latvala isn't - I really like that driver and I don't think he deserved that punishment with excluding from next WRC event - it's too harsh. It's obvious it was total adreanline and even if he seen that he hit a spect - well it's spect's problem. That was really stupid place to stand. He's one of the three that I currently like besides of my favorite that's obvious - Latvala, Meeke, Paddon - I think they've something that rally driver needs t
  22. Nice write up, but I still have a question about that will PM you to avoid wandering off topic.
  23. RyuMakkuro said: austinb said: People keep saying the renaults are likely to be added, but didnt we (ages ago) have as good as confirmation that they were planning/hoping to add the Audi Sport Quattro S1 at some point?Yes, and we got that car with the Pikes Peak release :p  It's the Audi Quattro E2 that has a chance of still appearing in the game. At least that was basically the answer to my question of "Is there any hope of Quattro E2 ever appearing in the game or we should abandon that boat?". Why are you speaking to me like im an idiot. Do you honestly think I dont know wha
  24. "Mostly..." Im thinking cars and Barcelona WRX track
  25. RallyDriven said: I don't think it's a priority, as we already have a Quattro in game. So Paul said the press embargo lasts until next week, so we should be hearing stuff then :) Yeah I personally agree its not a priority, but do you remeber what was said? (was months ago)
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