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  1. TonyRickard said: If you take the iRacing spotter function as an example, your co-driver would get a real time feed of the stage and have a dedicated chat channel for two way communication. iRacing also provide a spectator function which again is a real time feed of the event where spectators can chat amongst themselves. This seems a potentially attractive option for leagues wishing to run an event where driver/co-driver teams would take turns to run. The preparation for the event by the pairing compiling pace notes would make it a proper team effort. I guess the downside is that as drivers
  2. gfRally said: Following this argument, I have a question.  I understand the palette differences for marketing and changing the feeling of the location, thats fine.   BUT How do other games get away with it and still produce a marketable game?  Assetto Corsa, F1, PCars or WRC all have a lot of similar looking places, however each venue is still unique.   Its early in the morning here, so I am just throwing this out with out thinking to hard on it.Discussion not argument! ;) I would suggest that with circuit racing, people generally expect to have a dark grey strip of r
  3. BrySkye said: You don't get it. I'm not sharing my personal opinion about New Zealand, I'm stating why it's not a wise choice from a design point of view when the choices are so limited. This is a -game-. When you have a small selection, and DiRT Rally does, the contrasts have to be night and day stark so that when your average person looks at the screenshots on the back of the box, they see very distinct palettes. Yes, I'm referring to the visuals. That's the point. No one -here- is saying Wales and New Zealand are actually the same for goodness sake. Watch the DiRT Show again and Paul'
  4. You can disagree all you want, but it's a general observation for the masses. :P  It's in reference to the games palette. Yes, it's different, but it's not different -enough-. Paul said this himself, so that's something we just have to accept. When you only have 6-8 locations, every one has to be very different. Paul knows that and knows that at the end of the day, it's better for the game. Sometimes games design is going to conflict with the rally enthusiast inside us. That's why I've championed somewhere like Malaysia, which has a lot of distinct red soil/mud and tropical foliage comp
  5. I disagree that NZ is too similar to Wales, The both have sheep and forests and raid and mud... but despite that, the style of the stages and the mountainous terrain used in NZ rallies do make it very different
  6. versedi said:said: I'm gonna sum a few things up: @Kickup: "Lets just say something that I have wanted for our games...."Well I see there's a plural - games. So it may not be only related to racing games.    I would assume that it is only games that he has been involved in, which I believe to be only the dirt games but yes plural racing games...   3. @Kickup: "@Rallycameraman @MastaVonBlasta It will be coming to DR" We can be sure it's coming. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be in both releases (consoles and PCs). I'm assuming that either he and his team had this done and clos
  7. BrySkye said: Even if it's a later update, that doesn't mean it won't also apply to the console releases, which is why I say PC-specific features like editing tools are unlikely. We don't know who the permission is from. It could be from Codies management for all we know. Yes I agree with that, im talking about a time frame, they deffinately wont add a large feature only on one platform. I think it sounds like its from management rather than an external party, perhaps: "Yeah go ahead you can blow a few thousand on a trip to NZ if you really think its worth it"
  8. A lot of people are still assuming it will be in for Console release, i doubt this, its more likely going to be a later update. Hopefully they've been allowed to go to New Zealand, rally stages and Race to the Sky hill climb please! gfRally said: Digging around Rally Schools, I found this from way back, possible connection? https://twitter.com/dirtfishrally/status/486613458406735872 EDIT: David Binks also used to work at DirtFish as an instructor They also visited Phil Price Rally school in development for DIRT3, and the game featured an unlockable livery. While I think a rally school
  9. Why shouldnt you wait till April for anything new? There's no reason why PC should get anything else before then. It'd be nice but why expect it?
  10. Pulse is aweful, dirt 4 would have been too familiar, it needed a different name to make people think, "oh its different" (to dirt 2/3). I think dirt delta would have been a good name, but then some manufacturers may have been a bit put off...
  11. Well i think its fair to say theres no question he has zero interest in and no idea about motorsport at all.  I think he made his game in preparation for this moment: http://craiglager.co.uk/games-i-made/crywankface/
  12. Road book up, Last one unfortunately :( but we will get a dirt show next week!
  13. How much did you get it for? (if you dont mind me asking)
  14. RyuMakkuro said: austinb said: TURBODEVIN19 said: I'm flying to Poland tomorrow, I'll let you know if I find any caves.Just came back from Poland on Tuesday, didnt see any caves, only a mine, and roads were better than where i live in EnglandMain roads are nowadays good. But the backroads... well, complete and utter crap. The roads you have in the Rally Poland seem to you guys like gravel, while they are actually tarmac roads. That's how bad they are. Just pointing it out, so that everyone realise that Rally Poland is not just gravel or just tarmac. It's mixed rally, but in a ver
  15. TURBODEVIN19 said: RyuMakkuro said: bogani said: Not a fan of too many rough gravel rallies. Poland would be cool though. A bit like Finland, nice gravel stages but much narrower. Reminds of the summer rally roads here in Sweden.Actually, those roads in Poland are not really fully gravel. That's the state of tarmac that the B roads in Poland respresent. It should be tarmac, but instead half of the road is gravel because... no one could be bothered to fix it properly so the holes got filled with gravel over time. Yeah, I know. We have many jokes about the state of roads in Poland
  16. I have another suggestion. Stop posting!! ;)
  17. "Monster" Tajima is legendary in the hill climb discipline, so either his Escudo or SX4 could be contenders? (they already have one of his SX4's modelled from DIRT3) Personally my dream would be for codies to take a trip to New Zealand. -Collect info for (arguably) the most stunning cambered rally stages in the world. -Visit the "Race to the sky" hillclimb venue and add some all gravel variation to the hillclimb section. I know its the furthest possible place to visit, but its 2 venues for one trip!! please! :)
  18. gfRally said: No rally school, this: "For fresh players, we've developed a detailed set of tutorial videos that cover all aspects of driving a rally car. We want to teach players how to handle our cars, rather than making things easier." - Red Bull interview  Yes this is what we have confirmed so far, however there could still be a good chance an actual gameplay section that follows on from those videos will be added. A "Now try and have a go for yourself" type thing, perhaps on a new rally school style location/ test area. The devs, seemed very interested in doing such a
  19. xavivg said: It have sense, for me. I just wanted to know your opinion. Almost everybody voted no so okay, Dirt will be a fantastic arcade-sim game, that i love it. Anyway, if you voted yes or no, thanks for your time and for vote it. People who's give to me an "offtopic", take it  :kissing_heart:  Now please,  continue the activity of the typical dirty-gossip thread cheers you could always join in if you wish
  20. TonyRickard said: xavivg said: Please can you vote this thread?  http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/37483/please-allow-us-to-change-grip-like-the-first-build-of-dirt-rally ThanksSome additional variability would be nice above and beyond the wet or dry tracks tracks we have now. For instance this years Wales Rally was beyond just a bit of rain :) A bit like in Assetto Corsa you can select a level of track grip it would be nice to add something like a "very slippery" weather setting. Then it wouldn't open up access to grip levels to users which could impact online competition.
  21. xavivg said: Please can you vote this thread?  http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/37483/please-allow-us-to-change-grip-like-the-first-build-of-dirt-rally Thanks No problem mate, I voted no, you're welcome :)
  22. gfRally said: Evilsmurf said: but the A2 looks so... ugly!                                                              Most Rally cars are ugly, but thats what makes them so great.  Want pretty? Go drive a Ferrari or something. :smiley:    Why not have both?
  23. Oh not this again... we are but simple people whos minds are not capable of comprehending such Subaru knowledge, please spare us oh mighty one!
  24. KevM said: A Renault 5, now, #THAT would be a complete handful..... The 5 Maxi in particular would, but what are the chances of that happening now...
  25. RodgerDavies said: austinb said: Is there any reason not to think that the E2 IS "This car" it makes sense seeing as "That car" was the current quattro... no? Yeah, it was said it somewhere that it wasn't that I think, but don't ask me when and where.Ah fair enough then, the hunt goes on!
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