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  1. i appreciate your dedication to the cause, where many of us had lost hope
  2. Is there media showing it anywhere or is it just people who got to go to Codies that have seen it? 
  3. I think finland will be my favorite too, and what do you mean by germany's looking good? have you seen it? is there any footage or pictures anywhere?
  4. Once the game leave early access, if you have purchased the game already you dont need to pay again. Early access grants you the chance to play the game while in W.I.P. and keep the game once it is completed.  Future DLC after early access is depend on Codemaster, they could choose to charge us for it or give it out for free.  Thanks for your take, id still really like a dev to clarify this though
  5. I get that once people purchase the Early Access game they wont need to buy any more content for it. But once the game leaves early access, will PC users who purchased the early access version have to pay out again for the full version? And will there be dlc that you have to pay for once the game is out of early access? If a dev could clear this up thatd be great because its slightly vague atm, thanks
  6. Sorry, made a duplicate post, feel free to delete this one.
  7. An idea i had which would add a whole other dimension to multiplayer especially league racing. -Team Management feature: enable simulation of teams for leagues where a player (driving or non driving) manages a team of 2 or 3 of the same cars, with try outs where they can view onboard the runs of their selected drivers, and choose the drivers who will be given a race seat in one of their cars. Drivers can do tryouts for whoever invites them, and can choose to accept or decline any contract offers. Manager able to fine/hire drivers mid season should anyone consistently retiring or showing absen
  8. I think the game would benefit from a few things:  -Optional simulation of drive between stages and service area (including any damage taken adding to existing stage damage) -Replay camera mode that replicates real world broadcast cameras -Tunnel sound effects -Safari Rally (Kenya) -Lydden Hill Rallycross circuit -Ferrari 308 Group B -Alfa Romeo GTV6 Group A -Saab 96 V4 -Mitsubishi Evo IV Group A -Modern WRC3 2wd cars
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