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  1. Tark9m

    CD Key In steam

    Is anyone else get an invalid key, when they try to get the steam version. Seems to be an issue with older copies from what I can tell so far. But very frustrating, that some of are stuck in GFWL and some can port to steam,
  2. Tark9m

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday's and a wonderful New Year to you as well @loore   Thanks for a great 2014.  Well wishes to everyone here at the forum for a great holiday season!
  3. Tark9m

    DiRTy Gossip

     :( indeed @rallycameraman  
  4. Tark9m

    Thank you

    Best wishes Steve, thank YOU for all you contributed at Codies.
  5. Tark9m

    The PC Thread

    I like it, I wish the R3volution was in my budget, but it wasn't. I am not in love the keyboard tray on the Ozone but it works, and it makes for a very comfortable workstation as well.  My rig is multipurpose so I did not want a dedicated cockpit setup, it photo edits and is a productivity machine as well as a gaming rig.
  6. Tark9m


    Run a racenet challange and see if it updates.  I don't really remember anything about Showdown, but I would guess the game does not yet know you signed up.
  7. Tark9m

    The PC Thread

    @revolvingprawn  I will try to post some pics this weekend. I also have 3 x 24in LG monitors on the front of an Ubotto Ozone with a g27. I'll try to post that as well.  
  8. Tark9m

    xbox one

    @rwbsupercharger very very well said.
  9. Tark9m

    The PC Thread

    ASUS P8Z77-V LKIntel Core i7-3770K 3.5GHz16GB DDR3 1600180 GB Intel SSD1TB WD BLACK 2X - 12X LG Blu-Ray DriveGTX 680 2GBCorsair 750TXV2 750W Power SupplyCorsair H40 Liquid CoolingWin 8.0
  10. Tark9m

    xbox one

  11. Tark9m

    xbox one

    @RTanoskills   Well then take you Project CARS logo and your negativity and go wait patiently for it to come out and stop spamming us with post after post of complaints. You have nothing constructive to say you just complain, it gets old.  Maybe try suggesting a solution instead of post after post about how much everything sucks.
  12. Tark9m

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    No, they don't like me, I flatly refuse to participate in the "pay to win" format.
  13. Tark9m

    DiRTy Gossip

    Also how about a return of the online tournaments for the fastest time? I am sure we are going to see this via racenet as they incorporate that into the Dirt series I just hope they do not have the garage and level up system for cars that we see in Autosport, It is infuriating that you can not tune a car unless you spend every waking moment of every day in the game.  .
  14. Just out of curiosity have you tried forcing DX9.
  15. Tark9m

    Little, but big things that kinda bug me

    I like detail, if your rig can not handle it dial back your display settings or add more RAM. Also unless you have very little RAM the detail in the game is not a RAM issue, it is a VRAM issue which can be solved via a dedicated GPU. Many PC guys build rigs specifically to get every bit of available detail, telling codies to roll back to 16 bit graphics is not in my opinion what the majority of PC gamers want.   There are settings available in the game to dumb down graphics to let you play the game on a machine with limited capabilities already. My only complaint with recent codies graphics is that the world is at times a bit too shiny. Dirt 2was stunning in part because the world was a little more real and a tad less shiny.  The same can be said for the Monte Carlo DLC in D3. Monte Carlo had stunning detail, but less shine. In short give us detail down to the single blade of grass!! There are settings for rigs that cant handle it.