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  1. -Panoramic replay -The car must dirty more -Championships custom, to give greater freedom to the player
  2. I think the difficulty "Open" is too exaggerated . rebalance better levels of difficulty
  3. Il gioco è bellissimo,ma ho bisogno di maggiore realismo. Credo che i settaggi avanzati alle auto,che sono disponibili nella carriera debbano essere anche implementati negli eventi personalizzati.Inoltre sarebbe molto bello creare dei veri e propri campionati personalizzabili offline che non hanno niente a che fare con la carriera. Qualche appunto: -Aggiungere qualche scoppiettio al rombo delle auto. -Fare in modo che l'auto si sporchi di più -Spero vivamente che il gioco nella sua versione finale contenga almeno 10 Rally. ps: Nel vostro staff c'è qualche mio compaesano che può capirmi? non c
  4. More spectacular replay. Advanced system of tuning in customize event also. Physich.
  5. Quote.Replay too close to the cars. Too easy to brake
  6. That looks terrible. Was it a drifting mod?!  :D  Ahahah...it is good
  7. This is Physic https://youtu.be/ajogE6CvOuk
  8. Many players want a new RBR.Codemasters if you make a new RBR, you make lots lots lots of money. I hope in a rally simulator.No in a usual arcade rally
  9. For a real rally simulator: -Remove "Recovers Car" .-To Work still very on the physic -When I insert the a wrong gear the motor must merge But if Codemasters wants the usual arcade.....Adieu my dream -
  10. Racenet no working help me please  :/
  11. Replay are orrible.More Panoramic! When I change the gear and motor speed are wrong, the motor must fuse. Put the advanced setup of the car also in custom events. Give the opportunity to create real championships offline
  12. Important is; Physical,, Modding Sound Steam Workshop.
  13. If Codemasters,give at the modders the possibility of  modify the physical and the sound of the car,RBR is dead!  ;)
  14. You have to put the telemetry data, as in this video. Down-Left. https://youtu.be/l-ElHl-IVkI In custom event is important to put the advanced system tuning as in the career.
  15. Sorry I had forgotten :smile:  -The sounds of cars.It is unrealistic
  16. first of all, thank you for the beautiful game. But I think you have to improve -More Tunning -In custom events put a stop after each stage -Possibility to organize real Championships offline -To work for better graphics
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