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  1. Since you are putting dirtfish in game which is a good thing no complaints, but maybe next time you could add some track editor tools to carve out any rallycross track you could think of aswell and add some smash attack blocks since its only for test drive. doubt it could be added this title but maybe on the next generation console or next dirt game.đź‘Ť
  2. Same issue here, i can access Latvia track in the multi-player aspect of the game if someone has a lobby created for it but it is not available to download free and install. What's the problem devs.
  3. Latvia showed up a day late on psn Why are we being charged for content we have already paid for where is the download option for pass holders.
  4. LVJ02

    why no latvia dlc ?

    Having the same issue the Latvia just landed on psn store but they are trying to sell me the dlc instead of just downloading it for free as I have already paid for the dlc pass.
  5. Early in the day from my PS app I went into the store add-ons and downloaded the content to my ps4, now that I'm home I can't access it what gives I went into a group B rallycross event got a in order to play I have to download the content from the store so I enter the store and my content says purchased but Iit doesn't show up in the car category selection.
  6. With the ps5 already in the near future it would be a good thing if they focused on putting in as much content wether it be free or paid into dirt rally 2.0, some proper special stages would be cool why not bring a rallycross track from dirt 2, dirt 3. Or just a few more in general. Couple long rally stages as been said I'm definitely up for any and all content they want to pack into this game so long as it's worth it.