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  1. I think that we will all have one eye on Project, especially as it gets closer to going golden. It feels like more of a Gran Turismo type game, than F1 from what I've seen and read. GT6 was a complete disappointment for me, is collecting dust, and maybe this will get Polyphony Digital to up their game. Doesn't CM have exclusive rights to the current F1 liveries? GT with a career mode would be very cool, so I hope that PCARS will deliver most of what they promise. I'm looking forward to my first next gen sim-type racer.
  2. And..... There it is. It appears as though it was never fixed, and my decision to get out while I still could was the correct one. With a PC, one can use the Logitech Profiler to dial out the issue, but that option isn't available for PS3.. maybe with PS4? I started online way back, with GTR2 for PC, but sadly, I just don't have the disposable cash to keep up with hard drives, video & sound card upgrades. When the PS2 went online, I was all over that, and never looked back. Folks on the old forums said the the FF issue was the same on the Xbox, but I see guys on YouTube racing in leagues
  3. First. I was happy to find Codemasters forums are back up. Congrats! **This turned into a novelette, but the short read is that FF issues on F1 2013 made the game unplayable on the Playstation for me. I haven't been without F1 for over a decade and I'm going through withdrawals. Please get the next gen PS4 version right!!! The long read... As a background, I own all of the Codemasters F1 games back to 2010, and was bitten by the F1 console bug originally on the NES. I use a Playseats Evolution rig, with a Logitech G25, and a Buttkicker. I've raced in leagues as far back as ToCa 3 on the PS2,
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