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  1. That is a good term. As a long-time SunBro I appreciate how you appropriated the term. Playing Dirt: Rally with a keyboard for any length of time  is definitely worthy of a special name for it.
  2. Aren't the F2 Kit Cars at 1.5 or 1.8 or something partway? I thought I read that somewhere.
  3. It is my favorite car to drive in the game, because the performance is 'good enough' and the sound of the car is so phenomenal. I am not even a 'Subaru guy' - it is just plain fun to listen to. 
  4. Well, I can see why they have gun control in Ireland.(No self-control or brains, apparently.) On the other hand - maybe if those youths encountered more things in life that required thinking to avoid injury or death they might not be so impulsive and stupid. On the other other hand - they should probably be put to death for excessive stupidity and next year's event should be back on track! : } You are all welcome, I'm glad I could solve one problem facing the world today. 'Whew, time for a well-earned beer.'  >:) 
  5. Okayyyyyyy.... I think we're going a bit too far with this joke now guys :tongue: :tongue:  :D What joke? Pics or you lose the respect of the whole world.
  6. Great News! I am so excited about the whole thing that I can't even pick a highlight. Solid.
  7. If we knew that, the attacks would stop, because they'd be sleeping with the fishes, silly.
  8. The 'less glorious' side of Rally driving. Thanks for the video! It makes me feel like I could do ok if I could get out there, but I am sure that it is harder than it looks. It was pretty amazing how it looked like they are going so slow until something goes awry, then it looks 'too fast! too fast!'.
  9. The next event is in the Integrale, so it isn't as difficult as I thought. I finished and am happy I made it at all, but now I'm thinking I could have pushed a little harder had I known that.
  10. Damn. I barely got to know ya. That profile pic made me smile when I first hit this forum. I really see you as the face of this game. I think you succeeded - as others have stated this has been the best Early Access ever - a lesson to those who follow on how this is done. You really made a mark and I wish you the best down the road. 
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