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  1. I am bay Delux version, but this DLC is not in my game (( Why?
  2. How to get a BMW M2? How many stages do you need to go through? One? Everything? Can I just rally or cross too?
  3. Why not create only folder skin for DLC cars?
  4. Sorry to bring bad news for developers, but the pirated version can already use cars from DLC! But there are no official users yet ((
  5. Only me. Crowds off from fps.
  6. Germany is a very good!!!
  7. Night Rally 2.0! 100% rally start in SS after 14-00! Its not real!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE47fHq-CLw                                                  
  9. 205                                                                         
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