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  1. zeroundersteer

    2021 FIA World Rally Championship

    While the promoter would love to add New Zealand to the calendar the teams signaled a clear veto to a 14th round as there's no budget allocated to it.
  2. zeroundersteer

    Anything Rally related

    Can't wait! 2017 will be a brilliant year for the world of rallying.
  3. zeroundersteer

    Anything Rally related

    Just been able to record the new i20 WRC that will hit the stages in 2016. Looks and sounds promising! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JewYdzxXOZ0
  4. zeroundersteer

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Apart from the usual FFB and physics quirks I have to say I'm really enjoying the game right now. As I say game, I really hope we're on our way to a sim here.  A crucial factor in rallying is tyre selection. i think this is a must and adds a lot of credibility and excitement to the game. Studying weather forecasts, selecting the correct/or bad tyres for a loop, gaining time in a dry stage but losing time on the next one cause it's raining. The reliability of your engineers recommendations could be based on his level and cost. Especially on Monte Carlo and Tarmac stages like the upcoming Germany (can't effin wait for that!) this would be epic fun.