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  1. I guess it will have a similar feature, they are both next-gen consoles after all, and the XB users would be pretty annoyed if it didn't. i hope, i asked it also on their twitter. they only said you can talk through kinect on xbox , they didnt say a word if  can or cant use a headset. and yes i am pissed if the answer is no. i am notgoing to buy an kinect, wich costs 150 euro , just one game. because for the rest of the time i wont use it.
  2. hey guys, i hope that there is a straight anwser to my question and also the reason behind it. on the blog there is talk about the feature of talking to your engineer, on the consoles. with kinect and ps camera. and on ps4 also with headset, but it doesnt say if it will also be possible on xbox one. i have the feeling it wont happen but why? it should be possible, i am pretty pissed if i cant talk to my engineer because i dont want to pay 150 euros for kinect while i would use it on a few occasions f1 2015 not counting. i hope it can still made possible if it isnt in the game at the moment.&nb
  3.  @justbiglee  about the talking to the engineer. blog says you can do it on both consioles by kinect and ps camera. but by headset it is only mentioned that you can do that on ps4. it doesnt say you can talk to engineer on xbox one by headset. ist that true? i am on xbox, and i would be not happy if i would have to buy kinect in order to talk to my engineer, because i wont get an kiect as i find it noet handy for what i do.
  4. Hello guys, does someone have some good base settings for my Thrustmaster Tx. ingame and in thrustmaster driver. thanks in advance
  5. i hope it has some classic content, as i find classic f1 cars coller than the modern ones, altough the 2014 are also cool.
  6. The default settings in game should be a great place to start. From there I'd just tweak little bits and pieces to get it feeling just right for you. okay i will do! cant wait till i can race!!!!
  7. @Loore, do codemasters have recomended in game settings? i am not that good at setting up my wheel in games.
  8. i hope you can tell us your in game settings? would be cool. i have an dfgt too, but have to wait till friday
  9. thanks, do you also have some recomendedsettings in game, for logitech wheels? is pc, dfgt
  10. anyone with some settings for the dfgt? and rotation? this is on pc
  11. that guy, looks like he dont even know what Grid Autosport is. even his video descriprion is completly wrong
  12. @Loore, will there be an thread with recomended settings for wheel? like on f1 2013, those settings worked for me. so we know the right rotation, profiler settings and game settings to start with
  13. Is no Zonda R in Autosport sorry. well, there is. in the street discipline, at the hypercar. it was even on the anouncement pic!
  14. okay, but for toca race driver 3 from 2006, will this work to get it working on windows 7?
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