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  1. Haha, wow. Guess I should've figured that no ones seen that movie... as AWESOME as it is. You guys kind of suck. If you want to get STAIGHT to the quote, go to 1:20. Ahh makes more sense now. Never seen that movie, but recognize that it was parodied in the Post-Credit Scene of Deadpool...   it's something :) Look at me, I'm Mary Poppins Y'all !  I've said it before and I'll say it again, old movies are better. Surprised at how many know AIPLANE! but not Ferris Bueller. It's on my Netflix watch list! Need to see it. We need to create a list of movies like that. I've l
  2. Sorry for the horrible off topic but I'm trying to see why I can't post on this forum from PC anymore... it seems that Firefox might be the issue. Chrome seems to be working fine so far.
  3. Haha, good one Codies :) Im still hoping for a Sponsorship from "Coleman's Premium Beard Oil"  :D The one we need is Gossip Pizza!
  4. Why have you marked this post as off topic @BigSur ? you seem a bit of a douche tbh.  It was off topic though, as much as I love RallyDriven's antics 
  5. Slipped twice...                          
  6. Could we remove the "Dirt 4 very disappointed" thread? It might sound a bit authoritarian but it's incredibly toxic in there. No constructive criticism at all.
  7. Meeke doesn't deserve his drive anymore. I'm sorry: he's quick and likeable, but you just can't crash eight times in seven rallies. He needs to go. As for happy things, LAPPI! He's so damn cool. "Tell Tommi that 5 gears is enough!". Latvala seems in a great position to attack tomorrow, with a great battle with Neuville looking likely. Also quite surprised by Ogier's lack of pace and Hanninen's actual pace. Special rally :smiley:
  8. They have emerging traits that changes some of their skills. Positively or Negatively. You can also add perks.  Ok, but will the end result ever be higher then that of a staff member that started out at a higher rating?  Possibly but it is by no means a certainty  Whoever LOL'ed this post, do you think it means lots of love by any chance?
  9. I don't understand why the RX physics aren't the same as the rally physics. 
  10. We asked her and she requested USA, sorry Strange... I wonder why?
  11. That's my feeling as well. It's going to feel different from Dirt Rally because it's different from Dirt Rally ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I think it's better and most people who have played it think it's an improvement (like Porkhammer and dgeesi0). Doesn't mean everyone will love it because you can't please everyone :D (also, preconceptions play a part, e.g. this isn't what I expected it to be, therefore it's not as good) All I know is, in DR I basically actively avoid Germany, Pikes Peak, and Sweden. I mainly suck at Sweden, but I couldn't ever get the hang of Germany or PP, the physics just did
  12. I hope that's not the case, DR's grip levels were just ridiculous. If people used to THAT think D4's has too much grip, that means we have a huge problem. Fortunately from footage we've seen it doesn't look like it is anywhere near DR, it is improved vastly, also it's not something that cannot be fixed by fine tuning parameters by Codemasters. I agree cars seem to stick to the surface too much. That might explain why it is so difficult to see people powersliding, I am also worried about RWD after seeing Lancia 037 footage (I think I saw every single possible stream LOL). On the other hand I sa
  13. Just curious. Were you doing sim mode with no assets at all either? Was driving in sim mode with no assists on at all. It's weird though, the physics in rallycross and landrush are good, rallying is something else. Oliver Solberg had said that rally physics weren't quite there yet in an RX stream once, and I remember asking if his concerns has been addressed. Never got an answer :(
  14. I broke my G27 with DiRT Rally, ha ha... We need a "Compassion" button. Also, damn these quote boxes.
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