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  1. ^^^^^^^ That force FFB looks great and also he is steering with the throttle as well.  Asseto Corsa also has some of the best FFB ive felt as well.  Dirt needs to implement this for sure it would be so much more immersive!!!!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=micT1gTLU1c ALSO  this in RBR https://youtu.be/VNPfBmLWxx0
  2. My new favorite game.  It has been a blast so far! Pros: Great Graphics Good Sound effectsAwesome rally feel with finally good and long tracks.Would Like to see: would like to have better FFB with the wheel im using a Thrustmaster T500rs and it just feels very limp and I have all the the settings set to max!  Just doesnt feel like its fighting me enough.  Also when you catch air the wheel doesnt  feel free and then jerk and stiffen back up when you hit the road again. Id imagine most players on PC are using a wheel and this would be a major benefit to the realism/fun f
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